Top 6 Best Local SEO Services of 2022 – In-Depth Review

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Local SEO is crucial for businesses that serve customers within a specific area. When someone types “dry cleaner” or “nail salon” into a search, Google shows them the top results based on the user’s location. If your business isn’t ranking for local searches, you’ll have a tough time getting new customers. 

The best local SEO services know what it takes to rank high in location-based searches. They’ll help optimize your website and online presence to ensure you’re visible to the widest possible audience in your area. 

The Top 6 Best Local SEO Services

After extensive research, our team narrowed down six local SEO services that shine above the hundreds of options in this industry. WebFX will be the best option for most of you since they have the most versatile service offerings and deliver proven results. Get your free proposal from WebFX today.

  • WebFX — Best overall
  • Hibu — Best local SEO and digital marketing services
  • Searchbloom — Best for technical SEO
  • BrightLocal — Best for tracking and building local citations
  • 1SEO — Best for Google Local Ads
  • HigherVisibility — Best for franchises and multilocation businesses

Continue below to learn more about the features, benefits, and recommended use cases of each local SEO service on our list.

Company logos for our best local SEO services reviewsCompany logos for our best local SEO services reviews

Match Your Scenario to the Right Local SEO Service Solution

Our research team identified some common needs among businesses seeking local SEO solutions. Then we matched…

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The #1 Cause Of Memory Loss And 3 Proven Ways To Avoid It Copy

The advice comes from a study of chronic inflammation in the body.

The number one cause of memory loss is simply aging.

A little forgetfulness is normal and does not necessarily indicate a problem.

However, there are ways to fight against this natural process and retain a better memory.

The three best ways to avoid memory loss later in life are:

  1. Eating an anti-inflammatory heart-healthy diet,
  2. getting enough sleep,
  3. and exercising regularly.

The advice comes from a study of chronic inflammation in the body.

Inflammation in middle age is linked to memory and thinking problems later on, research shows.

The main problem is chronic inflammation that continues for months or even years.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation include joint pain and stiffness, digestive problems and fatigue.

Dr  Keenan A. Walker, the study’s first author, said:

“Many of the processes that can lead to a decline in thinking and memory skills are believed to begin in middle age, and it is in middle age that they may also be most responsive to intervention.

Our results show that chronic inflammation may be an important target for intervention.

However, it’s also possible that chronic inflammation is not a cause and instead a marker of, or even a response to, neurodegenerative brain diseases that can lead to cognitive decline.”

The study followed 12,336 people for an average of 20 years.

All were given blood tests for inflammation markers.

The results showed that people with the highest levels of inflammation also had the worst thinking and memory skills.

Those with the highest levels of inflammation had 8 percent worse scores on cognitive tests than those with the lowest levels.

Dr  Walker continued:

“Chronic inflammation is tough on the body, and can damage joints, internal organs, tissue and cells.

It can also lead to heart disease, stroke and cancer.

While other studies have looked at chronic inflammation and its effects on the brain in older people, our large study investigated chronic inflammation beginning in middle age and showed that it may contribute to cognitive decline in the decades leading up to old age.”

The study was published in the journal Neurology (Walker et al., 2019).

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How To Use TikTok Stories

In March 2022, TikTok launched stories. Similar to stories on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, they last 24 hours. TikTok stories also appear on the for you page, and users can view whether they follow you or not.  

As a business, we constantly look for the best features to help our marketing campaigns and engage with our audience better. Social media stories have become a workable and gainful feature for that distinction.

So, if you are yet to tap into what TikTok stories offer, this post will show you how to start using it.  

How to make TikTok stories

  1. Update your app: You need to update your app if you don’t have the stories features yet. Since it is a relatively new addition, some users are yet to have it on their app. 
  2. Look out for the icon: Once the app is updated, go to your profile, and search for a blue circle with a + sign beside your profile picture.

  1. Click on the + sign: start recording immediately, and use the filters, sounds, text, etc., afterward. Making stories on Tiktok is fun because you can use all the filters and features, just like making a regular TikTok video. 

After making the video and editing it to your satisfaction, your following prompt will be to post the video, but I will say, hold off with the posting, and here’s why you should.

How to use TikTok stories for better reach and visibility 

TikTok stories can help you get massive visibility for your brand, and I will show you the steps I use. 

  1. Make the video and record the screen. After recording your video, and editing it, create a screen record of the video and post it. 
  2. To make a screen record, hover to the video’s right corner and click it.

  1. You will find bracket [ ] in the upper right corner, click it, and screen record the video.
  2. Stop the recording where you wish and post it as your story. This video won’t have the TikTok watermark, which is the goal.

Keep a keen watch over the analytics. 

On Tiktok, you can view the people who have seen your story and interacted with it and reply to their comments. So, after posting, I always watch to see how the story performs. How did users engage with it? Did the story garner a lot of engagement after 24 hours? If yes, then it will work well for other platforms. 

I would then repurpose the video, publish it in my TikTok feeds, and send it to my Youtube, Instagram reels, and Facebook; it will also garner more engagement. Now, you just killed two birds with a stone, which is always a brilliant move for busy business owners like us. 

Does this mean only videos with high performance should…

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