Hootsuite Alternatives and Competitors – 2022 Review

If you need an alternative to Hootsuite to manage your social media presence, our selection for the best option is Sprout Social, thanks to its impressive versatility. Try Sprout Social today with a 30-day free trial offer!

With nearly 20 million marketers using its software, Hootsuite is a highly popular brand in the social media marketing arena. Hootsuite organizes your social media content from the planning and creation phase through to the publishing date and beyond.

However, Hootsuite’s prices and feature set may not perfectly fit your needs, no matter how popular it is. The research team at Quick Sprout spends quite a bit of time studying social media marketing software, and we know that Hootsuite alternatives may fit your needs better. We have a few social media marketing software packages that we recommend as an alternative to Hootsuite.

The 5 Best Social Media Marketing Software Services

Sprout Social is a strong alternative to Hootsuite, as it delivers features that help you understand the people who are interacting with your brand. You can test Sprout Social’s features through a handy 30-day free trial period. Or take a look at our list of the top social media marketing software platforms and see our reviews

  • Sprout Social – Best for Learning Your True Brand Perception
  • Hootsuite – Best All-in-One for Posting on Multiple Platforms
  • Later – Best for Planning and Scheduling Features
  • SocialPilot – Best for Small Teams Managing Multiple Accounts
  • Agorapulse – Best for Streamlining Messaging

Company logos for our best Hootsuite alternatives and competitorsCompany logos for our best Hootsuite alternatives and competitors

Sprout Social – Best for Learning Your True Brand Perception

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Saturday Sage: 7 Steps to Blow-up Logjams

Saturday Sage: 7 Steps to Blow-up Logjams

In the early days of logging, specialized loggers called River Pigs pushed, pried, and pulled logs off rocks and debris to prevent logjams.

On June 13, 1886, a log jam developed in the St. Croix River in Wisconsin that was described by a local journalist as “the jammedest jam” he had encountered. It took hundreds of men working for six weeks to clear it, eventually using steamboats and dynamite.

Logjams in life can feel like “the jammedest jam.” They lead to boredom, painful dissatisfaction, discouragement, even jealousy. Be a River Pig when you see logjams forming. The good news is enticement is better than dynamite.

Logjams block the flow of life, but a sage uses enticement to blow them up.

logjams block the flow of life, but a sage uses enticement to blow them up. Image of a logjam.logjams block the flow of life, but a sage uses enticement to blow them up. Image of a logjam.

Blow-up logjams:

The skill of enticement is like a River Pig’s ability to release the flow of logs, but we’re talking about the flow of life, not logs stuck on debris.

Enticement is using a known interest to motivate a person to experience a renewed flow of life.

Enticement makes blowing up logjams fun:

Enticement blows up logjams by redirecting attention toward unexpected possibilities.

Passengers on Southwest Airlines from Long Beach, CA, to Hawaii experienced enticement when they found a ukulele on their seat. Most of us dread long flights, but this crew gave a ukulele lesson.

Some passengers didn’t love the chaos, but it’s an example of enticing someone into a new experience. Blowing up the jammedest jam can be dangerous, but it’s worth the effort.

Enticement: 7 practical steps to blow-up logjams:

  1. Know what needs to be accomplished.
  2. Explore the highlights of their life since high school.
  3. Facilitate free creative thinking by asking questions that tap into their interests.
  4. Watch for revelations to appear out of nowhere.
  5. Challenge by asking, “What would you be willing to try that you have avoided?”
  6. Develop an agreement to hold them accountable.
  7. Celebrate the first sign of accomplishment.


Use something like a ukulele to capture interest.

Create a safety net that instills confidence.

Create a safety net. Image of a person helping a child learnt to ride a bike.Create a safety net. Image of a person helping a child learnt to ride a bike.

An example of blowing up a logjam:

  1. Take someone for a coffee at a place neither of you have ever been.
  2. Ask, “What have you wanted to try but something stopped you?”
  3. Agree with them, “There are probably too many valid reasons not to try this.”
  4. Entice them with, “What are 5 things…

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This Supplement Quadruples Weight Loss

The supplement is found naturally in many healthy foods.

Some dietary supplements have been shown to improve weight loss by scientific research.

Indeed, one study has shown that inulin can help to quadruple weight loss.

People in the study lost 2.3 percent of their body weight after taking the supplement, compared with just 0.6 percent in the control group.

Inulin is a fibre found naturally in many foods, including leeks, wheat, onions, bananas and asparagus.

The natural fibre — which is also available as a supplement — works by reducing appetite.

It has a creamy consistency and is sometimes used in the food industry as a substitute for fat.

Inulin is low in calories, high in fibre and it can improve the health of the digestion.

Researcher repeatedly finds that an increases in fibre intake can help with weight loss.

The study included 44 overweight people with prediabetes who were tracked for 18 weeks.

Half were given 30g per day of inulin, while the other group were given a placebo.

Both saw the same level of weight loss over the first nine weeks.

But after that, the group taking inulin achieved a weight loss of 2.3 percent of their body weight in comparison to only 0.6 percent in the control group.

The study’s authors write:

“…the consumption of inulin enhances a traditional calorie-restricted lifestyle program.

An added benefit of the inulin supplement was a greater reduction in intrahepatocellular and intramyocellular lipid in the soleus muscle even after accounting for weight lost.”

Inulin seems to work by reducing appetite, the study’s authors write:

“…subjects taking inulin ate significantly less (~270 kcal less, p = 0.027) at the follow-up ad libitum meal, with no consequent rebound in food intake at the 18 week visit despite a total 7 % weight loss in the inulin group, suggesting that inulin’s effect on weight management is mediated via appetite modulation.”

The study was published in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism (Guess et al., 2015).

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2023’s Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

The recent turn of events has digitized business operations throughout the world. Business leaders from various industries are using technology to run their commercial ventures. 

Businesses are extensively leveraging digital marketing to up their game. With the increasing advancements in this area, it is evident that this trend will continue to thrive as we move into 2023. 

Let’s learn more about digital marketing and its successful trends. 

What Is Digital Marketing?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for ways to expand your business? If yes, you should incorporate the progressing idea of digital marketing in your branding strategy. 

Digital marketing uses technologies and online avenues to promote your products and services to people beyond your service area. Also known as internet marketing, this process uses digital communication to spread brand awareness and increase sales.

According to a Forrester report, digital marketing spending by companies will reach $146 billion by 2023. With the existing and new digital marketing trends in 2023, you can prepare yourself to take your business to phenomenal heights. 

Exploring 7 Effective Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

Out of plenty of business strategies, a wise entrepreneur will always opt for the ones that are lucrative for his venture. Some of the top digital marketing trends that will be effective for your company in the long run include;

  1. Real-Time Messaging Remains Effective 

Personalizing the sales is the secret to making your customer choose your products and services. You can achieve this by real-time messaging with your potential customer. Several chatting platforms can help you in getting to know your customers better. 

You can create a customized sales strategy for every customer using their data from the chat between you and them. It spikes the chances of a successful sale as your customer will think that the product or service is exclusively designed for them. 

Get the Digital Marketing Blueprint…

With a Customer Value Journey that strategically builds a relationship with new prospects and converts them into loyal, repeat customers. Click here

  1. Attract Users Through Video-Based Content

Everybody loathes the idea of reading long texts on websites. However, people are attracted to moving graphics as they provide more information in less time. Thus, it is ideal to incorporate video-based content in your digital marketing strategy to make the user stay longer on your webpage. 

Videos are captivating and successfully capture the attention of the user. Use engaging videos to make the audience stop and stare at your webpage. It is an excellent way to promote your business by including the top selling points in your video. 

  1. Influencer Marketing Continues to Gain Popularity

We engage with the stories and posts of our favorite celebrities and influencers daily. So, why not use their extensive social media reach to create a buzz about your business?

Consider the trendy idea of influencer marketing if you want…

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TeamViewer Alternatives and Competitors – 2022 Review

The best TeamViewer alternative is ZohoAssist because it’s easy to use and provides unattended remote access. Save more than 15% by subscribing to one of the yearly subscription plans of ZohoAssist.

TeamViewer is a popular software for providing remote support or gaining remote access to a computer. It provides the most efficient remote support services. Though TeamViewer did make our list of the top remote support software, it is not the only or the best option for your business. 

The Quick Sprout research team researched various remote support software for hundreds of hours. After careful analysis of data and developing a criteria system, the team shortlisted a few of the best remote support software services.

The 8 Best Remote Support Software Services

The best alternative to TeamViewer is ZohoAssist, as it enables you to maintain or update any device without the presence of another person on the other end. Save more than 15% by subscribing to one of the yearly subscription plans of ZohoAssist.

Company logos for our best TeamViewer alternatives and competitorsCompany logos for our best TeamViewer alternatives and competitors

ZohoAssist – Best for Unattended Remote Access

Company logo for ZohoAssist, one of our best TeamViewer alternativesCompany logo for ZohoAssist, one of our best TeamViewer alternatives

ZohoAssist provides unmatched capabilities to monitor and manage a device without anybody on the other end.

ZohoAssist has various diagnostic tools that keep you updated about the status of hardware, printers, software, and task management on the devices, which can be helpful when performing native system diagnostic operations. It also allows you to form groups and sort different computers according to different criteria. You can even shut…

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2 Ways to Ask Questions Like an Expert

2 Ways to Ask Questions Like an Expert

A leader who doesn’t ask questions is a know-it-all with a closed mind.

“My greatest strength is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.” Peter Drucker

A leader who doesn't ask questions is a know-it-all with a closed mind. Image of a prison cell.A leader who doesn't ask questions is a know-it-all with a closed mind. Image of a prison cell.

7 things good questions do:

  1. Build rapport.
  2. Unlock minds.
  3. Discover new ideas.
  4. Create unexpected value.
  5. Encourage learning.
  6. Gain respect. Impress the boss by asking smart questions.
  7. Inspire creativity and innovation.

2 Ways to Ask Questions Like an Expert

#1. Ask questions frequently.

The path to expertise begins with repetition.

A person who becomes an expert has done something many times. But leading many meetings doesn’t make you an expert at leading meetings.

Focused practice makes you an expert.

  1. Set aside the first five minutes of your next conversation to do nothing but ask questions.
  2. Ask people what questions you should be asking.
  3. Spend time crafting a few questions before your next meeting. You think too much about things to say and not about things to ask.

The higher you go, the more questions matter. Image looking up at tall trees.The higher you go, the more questions matter. Image looking up at tall trees.

#2. Follow questions with questions.

The second question yields better results than the first.

Ask a new employee, “What do you do for fun?” Avoid the seduction of stealing the conversation. Don’t respond with, “I have fun when ….” Instead ask…

“What got you interested in (Insert the thing they do for fun here. Say, sky diving.)?”

Use the speaker’s own words. People prefer their words to yours. Don’t say, “What got you interested in that?” Instead ask, “What got you interested in sky diving?”

First questions address obvious issues. Second questions explore meaning, purpose, method, and value.

First question: What’s your mission?
Second question: What makes your mission matter?

First question: Who are your best customers?
Second question: What made them become your customers?

First question: What’s frustrating?
Second question: How can you address your frustrations?

Why don’t leaders ask more questions?

How can leaders become experts at asking questions?

Still curious:

Life is About Questions

Questions Proactive People Ask

Source of the Drucker quote: How to Consult Like Peter Drucker

Like this:

Like Loading…

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Episode 1867 Scott Adams PART1: Come Watch Me Change The Political Narrative Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Episode 1867 Scott Adams PART1: Come Watch Me Change The Political Narrative Right In Front Of Your Eyes


  • Today’s Dilbert ESG comic
  • How TikTok programs human brains
  • What’s up with Ray Epps and the FBI?
  • Alex Epstein, 12 myths in Inflation Reduction Act
  • Ukraine war update
  • Biden’s Diversity Chief is racist?
  • If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topicsto build your talent stack, please see scottadams.locals.com for full access to that secret treasure.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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3 Benefits of Building and Using a Personal Brand to Grow Your Business

Personal branding isn’t just for entrepreneurial rock stars that want to dance onto stage and hype up an audience with hopes, dreams, and unbelievable case studies.

You don’t have to command an audience like Tony Robbins, make complicated things seem simple like Ryan Deiss, or make buying businesses sound as easy as buying groceries like Roland Fraser.

You can just be you.

The personal brand that you build will not only make it easier to get new clients, but also help you grow your business in a way that you actually enjoy. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Creating a personal brand requires effort and consistency, but the payoffs are more than worth it.

I’m going to show you 3 of the top reasons why personal branding is essential for business growth and why you should start working on yours today.

If you’re not convinced yet, by the end of this post I think you will be. So let’s get started!

Content Marketing CertificationContent Marketing Certification

Want to get certified in Content Marketing?

Leverage the tools and channels to predictably and profitably drive awareness, leads, sales, and referrals—EVERYTHING you need to know to become a true master of digital marketing.​ Click Here

Benefit #1. You Will Attract Clients You Love Working With

Can you imagine being surrounded by people who already like you and want to work with you?

Finding the right clients is like dating. (I know, I’m tired of that analogy too.)

Would you rather go on a date with someone who is clearly interested in you and makes an effort to get to know you OR would you rather go on a date with someone who is lukewarm and doesn’t seem that into you?

Of course, it’s much more fun and enjoyable to date someone who is clearly interested in you and makes an effort to get to know YOU. The same goes for finding clients.

When you have a personal brand, you will attract clients that you actually enjoy working with.

They will understand your language, your jokes, and what you’re all about. They will get a chance to know you and decide if they like (or don’t like) you before even reaching out to you.

So how do you attract the right clients?

Simple – be yourself.

There are a few things you can do to help you stay true to yourself and your personal brand.

  • Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. People can see right through it and they won’t trust you.
  • Stay consistent. This is one of the most important aspects of personal branding. You need to be consistent with your message, your tone, and how you present yourself.
  • Be YOURSELF! This is the most important thing of all. Be genuine, be honest, and be real. People will appreciate and respect you for it.

Benefit #2: Selling Gets Waaaaaaay…

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Dropbox Alternatives and Competitors – 2022 Review

Our favorite Dropbox alternative is IDrive because it’s secure, offers top-notch backup services, and comes at an affordable price. Save 25% on a one-year subscription or 50% on the first year of a two-year subscription

Dropbox has been a reliable way for teams to upload and share files for over a decade. The company states that it has over 700 million registered users, including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Servcorp. While the brand is definitely on our list of the top cloud storage software services, it’s far from the only choice. 

The research team at Quick Sprout spent hours scouring the web, testing services, and analyzing reviews to find the top Dropbox alternatives and competitors. 

The 5 Best Cloud Storage Services

IDrive offers users a reliable, affordable, and super-efficient cloud storage service. Plus, it suits companies both large and small, providing them with a secure place to back up important files. Get the first-year promotion of 25% off a one-year subscription or 50% off the first year of a two-year subscription when you sign up with IDrive. You can also see our top list of the best cloud storage services here. 

Company logos for our best Dropbox alternativesCompany logos for our best Dropbox alternatives

IDrive – Best for Backups

Company logo for IDrive, one of our best Dropbox alternativesCompany logo for IDrive, one of our best Dropbox alternatives

Founded in 1995, IDrive has nearly 30 years of experience providing backup services. Impressively, IDrive has kept up with its competitors and continues to emerge as a leading player in the backup software space. 

IDrive offers multiple-device backup, online file syncing, electronic and physical…

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