Billdu Review – What Makes Billdu Great and Where Billdu Falls Short

Billdu is an invoicing app that makes it incredibly easy to manage the invoicing process. You can generate invoices, send them to customers, and have customers pay directly from the invoice itself. And with its handy dashboard, Billdu simplifies the process of tracking invoices and expenses so you always know where your accounts stand.

Additionally, Billdu enables you to set up a simple ecommerce store and take online bookings, either through your own website or through one created specifically for your business through its platform. For small businesses, Billdu is the perfect tool for managing everything related to invoicing and payments.

Billdu logo for Quick Sprout Billdu review. Billdu logo for Quick Sprout Billdu review.

Who Billdu Is For

Billdu is designed to meet the invoicing and financial management needs of small businesses. The app makes it simple to create professional looking invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and delivery notes. This allows busy small business owners to generate essential financial documentation and manage transactions with customers and vendors more efficiently. With Billdu, you can instantly customize invoice templates that reflect your brand.

If you’re a freelancer, Billdu also has the tools to help you take your business operations to the next level. Billdu gives freelancers the ability to generate branded invoices in minutes. The app also makes it easy for freelancers to track finances and expenses. Features like automated payment reminders ensure you actually get paid for your work.

And finally, if you run an agency, Billdu empowers you to generate polished invoices that reinforce your business’s brand image. With robust tracking features, Billdu also gives agencies increased visibility into their financial transactions and cash flow. The app is built to handle the large volume…

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Chili Piper Review – What Makes Chili Piper Great and Where Chili Piper Falls Short

In order to boost your revenue, you need quality leads that convert into paying customers. You also need tools to connect leads to your sales reps while interest is still high. This is where Chili Piper comes in.

Chili Piper automates the lead conversion process through its suite of products that qualify leads, route them to the right sales rep, and schedule meetings using real-time calendars. It’s a powerful software platform that makes the scheduling process feel effortless for potential buyers—turning prospective leads into satisfied customers.

Chili Piper logo for Quick Sprout Chili Piper review. Chili Piper logo for Quick Sprout Chili Piper review.

Who Chili Piper Is For

Chili Piper provides an end-to-end inbound lead conversion and routing platform tailored to the needs of B2B revenue teams like marketing, sales, and customer success. The software shines when organizations need to increase the number of quality leads coming into their funnel and prevent any leakage during qualification and handoffs.

For marketing and demand generation teams, Chili Piper removes friction from the lead booking process so more prospects engage and convert into sales conversations. Easy scheduling and reminders get more people testing products and talking to reps, which ultimately creates more buzz around your business.

Chili Piper can also help Sales teams gain more chances to convert leads into buyers through automated workflows that guarantee every lead is directed to the right rep based on criteria like customer segment and product interest. Reps also have tools to automatically schedule meetings when most convenient for the prospect for higher connection rates.

On the finance side, Chili Piper provides clear visibility into meeting data like show rates and conversions. This helps revenue leaders accurately model forecasts and see…

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Manatal Review – What Makes Manatal Great and Where Manatal Falls Short

High-volume recruiters have a lot to handle—from creating job descriptions and posting on recruiting boards to sifting through endless resumes and conducting repetitive phone screens, sometimes it’s enough to kill a person’s soul.

And that’s just the first step. There’s also running through the stages of the hiring pipeline and collaborating with team members during the hiring process—which means you may have to organize all of the applicant information yourself.

Well, there’s finally an AI-backed recruitment software to help you unify everything into one platform and bring life back into your soul, and it’s called Manatal.

It has all the tools for applicant tracking and customer relationship management that can assist and automate your hiring process in one single dashboard. 

Manatal logo for Quick Sprout Manatal review. Manatal logo for Quick Sprout Manatal review.

Who Manatal Is For

Manatal shines for high-volume recruitment teams, agencies, HR departments, and hiring managers looking to scale and optimize their talent acquisition processes. The breadth of its features caters to those making frequent hires across multiple roles.

Specifically, companies that are aggressively expanding their workforces will benefit from the AI-powered automations, candidate matching features, job board integrations, workflow customizations, and analytics. Recruitment agencies, on the other hand, will find it useful for placement tracking, lead management, and CRM capabilities.

Although the platform has a lot of moving parts, Manatal remains user-friendly through its thoughtful UX design. Even small teams can benefit from workflow enhancements and time-saving automation.

For example, less technical HR reps and agency recruiters can leverage the tools to enhance their productivity levels. Similarly, rapidly growing companies can get enterprise-grade capabilities without running into overwhelming complexity.

However, the extensive features and subscription model…

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Top 9 Best Time Clock Software

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best time clock software for most people is Homebase or Deel.

Traditional punch cards and paper timesheets are relics of the past. Logging employee hours has gone digital. Time clock software makes it easier for employers to track and manage how long their staff works every day.

The Top 9 Best Time Clock Software

  • Homebase – Best free time clock software
  • Deel – Best for global companies with remote workforces
  • 7shifts – Best time clock software for restaurants
  • OnTheClock – Best web based time clock software
  • TimeClockPlus – Best time clock software for large employers
  • ClockInEasy – Best simple time clock software
  • Time Clock Wizard – Best unlimited users plan
  • ClockShark – Best time clock software for field service employees
  • uAttend – Best time clock software for small business

How to choose the best time clock software.'s methodology for reviewing time clock software.How to choose the best time clock software.'s methodology for reviewing time clock software.

Finding the best time clock software for your needs can be a challenge. There are many options out there.

We reviewed them all and narrowed it down to the top eight choices. In this guide you’ll find an in-depth review for each. We cover the features, benefits, pricing, use cases, and potential drawbacks of each software on the list.

Read on to find the best solution for you.

Homebase — Best Free Time Clock Software

Homebase logoHomebase logo

Homebase is one of the most…

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Tidio Review – What Makes Tidio Great and Where Tidio Falls Short

AI chatbots have a ton to offer: they learn fast, work 24/7, can engage in multiple conversations at once, and take on repetitive work so your employees can focus on more important tasks. And that’s key, really. AI chatbots aren’t meant to be a replacement for humans. Rather, they’re at their best when used as a complement to your full-time employees.

Combining human support with AI customer assistance is a winning combination. And that’s exactly what Tidio brings to the AI-generated table. It delivers the tools to combine AI and human services, like chatbots and live chat, creating a one-of-a-kind solution for your customer service needs.

Tidio logo for Quick Sprout Tidio review. Tidio logo for Quick Sprout Tidio review.

Who Tidio Is For

Tidio is the ideal customer service and sales solution for small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses looking to build stronger customer relationships and boost revenue through live chat and AI-powered tools.

With features like the AI Lyro chatbot and intelligent lead routing, Tidio makes it easy for online retailers, SaaS companies, agencies, and other web-based businesses to engage visitors and provide personalized support.

For ecommerce sites, Tidio gives you real-time tools to interact with shoppers, offer assistance, provide discounts, and generate more sales. It’s a frictionless way to increase average order value. Tidio works with all the major ecommerce platforms to embed live chat and chatbots at each stage of the buyer journey.

If you have a content site, blog, or lead generation funnel, Tidio enables you to connect with visitors, improve user experience, field questions, and capture subscriber details as they consume content.

With social media integrations, Tidio can be leveraged to qualify leads and initialize conversations as…

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Top 6 Best PPC Agencies of 2023

WebiMax is the overall best PPC agency because of its decades of experience, comprehensive services, and industry reputation. Get a free proposal from WebiMax today to revolutionize your PPC strategy.

Digital advertising is an expansive and constantly changing industry, so choosing the best PPC agency is essential to getting the results you want. We’ve done the legwork for you so you can easily discover the best agencies across six categories. We searched (almost) every corner of the internet to uncover pros and cons from customer reviews, analyzed company case studies, and identified areas of expertise from each provider’s portfolio.

The Best PPC Agencies

Webimax logo.Webimax logo.

Best PPC Agency Overall

WebiMax has a stellar reputation in the digital marketing space. It boasts an impressive client list that includes Forbes, The Washington Post, and CNN, just to name a few. With more than a decade of experience and expansive services ranging from SEO to local marketing, WebiMax is our top choice for a comprehensive PPC solution.

WebiMax Pros and Cons

WebiMax Pros:

  • All-inclusive digital marketing – WebiMax is more than just a PPC agency. It also offers social media marketing, SEO, web design, and local marketing, making it an optimal solution if you prefer to work with one agency for all your digital needs.
  • Responsive support – Clients praised WebiMax for its attentive and communicative team in nearly every customer review we read.
  • Single point of contact – Customers receive a dedicated marketing expert for end-to-end campaign management. Having a single point of contact reduces scheduling conflicts and miscommunications and helps establish a strong partnership.
  • Notable certifications – WebiMax is a Premier Google Partner and a Facebook Business Partner, which are…

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Top 5 Best Google Ads Agencies of 2023

WebiMax stands out as the premier Google Ads agency due to its extensive experience, holistic service offerings, and high industry standing. Get a free proposal from WebiMax today to revolutionize your PPC strategy.

With a seemingly endless number of Google Ads agencies, finding the best one for your business is hard work. We know you’re busy, so we did the research to get you started. Our rankings are curated based on a meticulous methodology, focusing predominantly on genuine client feedback and case studies. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, you’ll find the best Google Ads agencies in this article.

The Best Google Ads Agencies

Webimax logo.Webimax logo.

Best Google Ads Agency Overall

WebiMax has consistently proven itself as a leader in the digital marketing field and is a stand-out option for a Google Ads agency. Its immediacy in delivering results is evident, as one client recalls, “I said go, and the next day, I was on the phone with leads.” With more than a decade of experience and expansive services ranging from SEO to local marketing, WebiMax is our top choice for a comprehensive Google Ads solution.

WebiMax Pros and Cons

WebiMax Pros:

  • Quick turnaround – WebiMax moves quickly but doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Consistent communication –Clients appreciate WebiMax’s regular meetings to review the progress of their Google Ads campaigns.
  • Holistic digital solutions – The agency offers expert Google Ads guidance but also excels in other digital arenas, such as social media marketing, SEO, and local marketing, making it a one-stop shop for diverse digital needs.
  • Flexible commitment – Many customers appreciate WebiMax’s adaptable month-to-month contract, which allows them to evaluate their return on ad spend…

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How to Hide a Page Title in WordPress

By default, page titles are displayed in WordPress. There’s no built-in switch that lets you simply conceal the title.

If you want to hide page titles in WordPress, you have two options:

  • Add custom CSS to your WordPress site (simple copy and paste)
  • Install a plugin (easy point and click)

Either way you choose, it’s not hard to hide a title in WordPress, even for a beginner. You don’t really have to understand HTML, CSS, or the backend mechanics, though you will learn a little along the way.

We’ll walk through both ways to hide page titles in WordPress, and take a closer look at the benefits and tradeoffs of doing it.

Why We Never Hide Page Titles in WordPress

Readers on our blog expect page titles.

We don’t want to confuse them.

99 percent of our blog traffic (or more) comes directly from organic search. People are looking for information on a topic, they see our blog post title in the search results, they click through.

When they land on our blog post, the title assures them that they are in the right place and our site has the information they want.

If there’s no title when they get to our page, there’s bound to be at least a little confusion.

Like when someone opens a few different search results at once, then goes back through the tabs to find the one with the best information. When our title-less page shows up, it’s going to be that much harder for the person to remember why they clicked on our site in the first place.

For our blog and many other websites, page titles are really important. We want titles prominently displayed on our site and in search results.

Page titles are like headlines for us–they help…

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The Hero Image is Everywhere

Hero images act as visual introductions to brands or businesses and are equally common on website homepages and in email campaigns. They are meant to be the first thing that website visitors and email subscribers see when they land on a page or open an email.

As such, the primary role of a hero image is to attract attention while the remaining elements briefly state a company’s purpose and present products or services. They also compel users to keep browsing your content.

Moosend homepage screenshot. Moosend homepage screenshot.

Take Moosend, for instance. Its hero image introduces the platform by showcasing the software’s key features. The image is accompanied by a headline, and supporting copy gets into more details. Clearly, the goal is to communicate the platform’s benefits quickly and persuade visitors to click on the CTA button beneath.

Most websites follow a similar format to Moosend, making this design element quite overused. However, its popularity attests to its effectiveness, since visitors know what to expect and where to look.

That said, there are many reasons why hero images are so effective, but it’s important to implement them properly.

Hero Images Let You Control the First Impression

Since users only take up to 50 milliseconds to form a first impression regarding your website, hero images are a decisive factor in a visitor’s perception of your brand.

In other words, hero images can make or break the success of your site. Their visuals need to be attention-grabbing, attractive, and they should do a good job of letting your visitors know what your website is about.

And, since you want to give off an original feel with an unoriginal design layout, it’s important…

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Top 18 Best HR Software Solutions

Our top recommendation for most businesses is Rippling because of its impressive level of customization. Get a free quote to see how Rippling can help your business.

To help you find the best HR software, we started with 34 of the most popular tools and cut the list to the top 18. How? We evaluated each platform across several key features, including core HR functions, recruitment, attendance, performance, payroll, compliance, and benefits.

We did the hard work of figuring out what separates each brand to provide helpful and honest recommendations. In other words, you’ll be well taken care of by choosing any platform on our list.

The Best HR Software: Our Curated Top Picks

These companies made the cut: Rippling, Deel, TriNet, Gusto,, Zenefits, BambooHR, Paycor, Namely, SentricHR, Run Powered by ADP, Paycom, Fingercheck, Paylocity, Workday, Patriot, UKG Dimension, and Zoho People

While all of the above are excellent tools for various situations, our favorite HR software options are:

  • Rippling – Best solution for combining IT, finance, and HR management
  • Deel – Best for global companies with FTEs and contractors
  • TriNet – Best if you don’t have an HR department
  • Gusto – Best for streamlined benefits and payroll administration
  • – Best for simple management of HR tasks and processes
  • Zenefits – Best for core HR plus affordable employee scheduling

Below, you’ll find full reviews of each of the 18 best HR platforms—with recommendations on who should use each one—and a comprehensive look at the methodology we used to determine our top picks.

Company logos for Best HR Software. Company logos for Best HR Software.

The Best HR Management Software…

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