Episode 1631 Scott Adams: Lots of Spicy Takes on the News Today. You’ll Love it

Episode 1631 Scott Adams: Lots of Spicy Takes on the News Today. You’ll Love it


  • Elite plan to depopulate the world?
  • J6 new info absolves President Trump
  • Why the world needs to protect Ukraine
  • New Mississippi anti-racism law
  • Feb1 progress report
  • Patriot Front’s new fake video
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This Proven Weight Loss Approach Only Takes 15 Minutes Per Day

This highly effective weight loss technique is done in under 15 minutes per day.

Spending just 15 minutes per day keeping a food diary predicts the most weight loss, research finds.

People who simply noted down what they ate while dieting lost an average of 10 percent of their body weight.

Other studies have shown that food diaries can double weight loss.

The key to more weight loss — on any diet — is monitoring food intake quickly and consistently, day after day.

While people think a food diary will be time-consuming, this study shows it is not.

Professor Jean Harvey study co-author, said:

“People hate it; they think it’s onerous and awful, but the question we had was: How much time does dietary self-monitoring really take?

The answer is, not very much.”

The study included 142 people who were followed over 24 weeks.

They took part in an online weight management program led by a dietician.

Participants logged their food intake online and how much activity they did.

They noted down all the calories and fat for the food they at, as well as the portion size and preparation method.

The results showed that those who logged in more often to record their food intake lost the most weight.

Professor Harvey said:

“Those who self-monitored three or more time per day, and were consistent day after day, were the most successful.

It seems to be the act of self-monitoring itself that makes the difference — not the time spent or the details included.”

Having the right expectations helps people stick to their task, said Professor Harvey:

“We know people do better when they have the right expectations.

We’ve been able to tell them that they should exercise 200 minutes per week.

But when we asked them to write down all their foods, we could never say how long it would take.

Now we can.

It’s highly effective, and it’s not as hard as people think.”

The study was published in the journal Obesity (Harvey et al., 2019).

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Brand Marketing vs. Product Marketing: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Invest In?

In 2018, after two short years and $3 million raised in startup funds, recruitment AI company Ansaro shut down due to bad market fit. As it turned out, their AI interview notetaker didn’t address a huge pain point.

Muun found a market need but failed to compete with bigger names that provided customers with authoritative content and resources. Muun’s more well-known competitors had more features and better pricing.

Both companies suffered from a fatal lack of marketing. One neglected its positioning by failing to target the biggest pain point, and the other failed to build a brand that its customers could trust above the other major players. 

To succeed in today’s crowded market, you need to harmonize product marketing and brand marketing.

In this article, you’ll learn the difference between brand marketing and product marketing, and how to balance both to stand out above the crowd.

Brand vs product marketing: Friends or foe?

Both brand marketing and product marketing are important to a well-built marketing strategy. They rely on each other for success.

Product marketing informs strategic positioning and ensures alignment across the company. It partners with sales to close more revenue, informs product teams to deliver better products, and in some cases, co-owns demand generation activities with marketing teams.

Product marketing is responsible for tasks like:

  • Developing and executing go-to-market (GTM) strategies;
  • Researching and understanding target segments;
  • Analyzing competitor activities;
  • Developing product value propositions;
  • Defining messaging strategies;
  • Ensuring customer success teams and salespeople understand the product features.  

Product marketing uncovers where to play and how to win. And then it ensures that all of the organization’s efforts match that true north.

Brand marketing provides a strategic approach to building relationships between your brand and your customers. It uses the insights gained in product marketing to work out how to reach them.

The goal of brand marketing is to make your brand the first and most obvious choice when they’re looking to buy.

Brand marketing is concerned with objectives such as:

Brand marketing is about building connections through emotion and experiences, a key driver in consumer decision-making. Peter Noel Murray, Ph.D., reports:

“Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences), rather than information (brand attributes, features, and facts).”

When consumers make purchasing decisions, the choice is more driven by how they feel about your brand than what they know about your product.

Take Bellroy, a leather accessories retailer.

Their predominantly male audience has a problem: fitting a full wallet into their back pocket.

Bellroy has designed a range of slimline wallets to solve this challenge. They use product marketing techniques to target and educate their customers.

Using an interactive slider, Bellroy calls out the competition. They demonstrate how much slimmer their wallets are compared to a competitor, tackling both what it does and why it’s the superior choice.

Bellroy follows this with a brief…

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Episode 1632 Scott Adams: Nothing But Hoaxes and Fake News Today. There’s Plenty of it

Episode 1632 Scott Adams: Nothing But Hoaxes and Fake News Today. There’s Plenty of it


  • NO Uighur genicide per people paid to say that?
  • China fires top German Navy Chief
  • Inaccurate COVID death count
  • “Ghost Army” of Wisconsin voters?
  • Destroying civilization by destroying supply chain?
  • Ukraine / Russia solution
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InMotion Web Hosting Review (Updated for 2022)

Want to jump straight to the answer? InMotion is a great choice and one of the most underrated web hosts out there. 

InMotion is one of the most reliable web hosting providers on the market today.

In fact, I ranked InMotion as one of the top contenders when creating my list of best web hosting providers.

  • Normally $7.49/month
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Free and unlimited email
  • 90-day money back guarantee

Get a 57% discount

That’s because of their outstanding customer support and dedication to providing great hosting services.

But what exactly do they do well? And where could they improve?

This extensive guide covers all of InMotion’s hosting plans, the benefits of using InMotion, and some other considerations to keep in mind while making this decision.

The Benefits of Using InMotion Web Hosting

90-day guarantee

I won’t consider using any web hosting service that doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee.

Not because I plan to use it, but because I’m hesitant to pay for something that the company doesn’t stand behind.

In web hosting, 30 days is the industry standard. I’ve even seen a handful of providers that offer a 45-day or 60-day money-back promise.

InMotion blows the standard out of the water with their 90-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Money Back GuaranteeInMotion Money Back Guarantee

That means they really believe in their product. So much so that they’re willing to lose money on it.

It’s worth noting that the money-back promise only applies to the business, VPS, and reseller plans. Plus, you need to sign up for a minimum of six months to get this benefit.

All month-to-month plans and dedicated servers have a 30-day guarantee, which…

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How to Not Do Anything Stupid with Your New Team

How to Not Do Anything Stupid with Your New Team

A young manager with a new team is like an ant pushing an elephant. It’s smart to be concerned.

My friend Stan Endicott tells managers who ask for advice, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Aspiration isn’t the problem. But persistent stupidity defeats the brightest among us. Sometimes the smarter we are, the stupider we get.

Image of an ant's head. How does an ant move an elephant? With lots of help!Image of an ant's head. How does an ant move an elephant? With lots of help!

How to not do anything stupid:

Young managers succeed by aspiration, openness, and NOT doing anything stupid.

Make a list of 10 stupid things you don’t want to do in the first 90 days of leading your team. Share your list with a mentor or coach. Be sure they have lots of experience. Here are a few suggestions.

It’s stupid to:

  1. Think the same way about yourself.
  2. Keep doing your old job in the same way.
  3. Expect that you’re going to do everything right.
  4. Jump right in before building relationships.

How to be smart:

#1. Show up with confidence, not arrogance.

Spend some time acknowledging challenges, but don’t circle the blackhole. What words will you use that express heart and belief?

#2. Practice apologizing, not blaming. (Literally)

Imagine that you screwed up. What will you say? Work on taking responsibility.

Always turn toward the future after apologizing for the past.

Get with a coach or mentor and literally practice your apology. You’re going to need it.

#3. Show up with big ears and a small mouth.

Send the following questions to the team before your first meeting.

  1. Imagine the best team ever. How does that team treat each other?
  2. What do we expect from each other?
  3. What will we do when someone drops the ball?
  4. How do we want to feel about our team? What behaviors are likely to foster those feelings?
  5. How will we make decisions?

Tip: Learn how to run meetings people love to attend.

How does an ant move an elephant? With lots of help.

What are some stupid things people do when managing a new team?

What suggestions do you have for a young manager taking on a new team?

Suggested reading:

Start with Why

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Smart Leadership

Like this:

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This Fruit Boosts Weight Loss 50%, Research Finds

People eating this fruit lost four pounds in 12 weeks without making other changes to diet or lifestyle.

Eating prunes could increase by 50 percent the amount that people lose off their waistline, research suggests.

People felt more full and lost one-third more weight when they ate prunes, compared with not eating them.

Study participants lost weight without making other changes to their diet or lifestyle.

Prunes probably help weight loss because of their fibre content and dried fruit is easy to add to the diet.

Fibre increases feelings of fullness and reduces calorie intake.

Researchers repeatedly find that increases in fibre intake can help with weight loss.

The study included 100 obese and overweight people who were tracked for 12 weeks.

All the people in the study initially ate less fibre than is recommended.

One half were just given general advice about the types of snacks that were most healthy.

The other half were told to eat 15 or more prunes each day.

The results showed that those eating prunes lost an average of 4.4 pounds, compared with 3.3 pounds in the group who were not eating prunes.

Dr Jo Harrold, who led the research, said:

“These are the first data to demonstrate both weight loss and no negative side effects when consuming prunes as part of a weight management diet.

Indeed in the long term they may be beneficial to dieters by tackling hunger and satisfying appetite; a major challenge when you are trying to maintain weight loss.”

Professor Jason Halford, an expert on eating behaviours, said:

“Maintaining a healthy diet is challenging.

Along with fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit can provide a useful and convenient addition to the diet, especially as controlling appetite during dieting can be tough.”

The research was presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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