3 Powers of Proactive Worry

3 Powers of Proactive Worry

Worry isn’t just in your head. You feel worry in your body. Some have stomach issues, others neck and shoulder pain.

Chronic worry triggers ‘stress hormones’ that elevate your heart and breathing, raise your blood sugar, and send more blood to your arms and legs. You can develop hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Proactive worry motivates action not rumination.

Proactive worry dances with baby elephants. Image of a young elephant.Proactive worry dances with baby elephants. Image of a young elephant.

Proactive worry is:

Worry is good when unavoidable danger heads at you. Tax Day comes every year. Proactive worry says keep up with record-keeping.

  1. Accepting reality.
  2. Noticing stress, worry, and anxiety. Pretending things are better than they are aggravates worry.
  3. Responding to emotional tension with action.
  4. Acting before you need to.
  5. Defining and solving root causes of recuring problems.
  6. Creating confidence in yourself and your future.
  7. Learning to not worry about things outside your control.

3 powers of proactive worry:

#1. Get busy.

Handwringing is not a strategy.

The best thing you can do with worry is get off the couch.

  1. On a scale of 1:10, how likely will your worry happen? Spend energy on things that are likely to happen.
  2. How can you prevent or prepare for anticipated problems?

#2. Invite elephants to dance.

Dance with elephants when they’re young.

You can ignore problems, but you can’t escape them. Baby elephants get bigger; eventually you face them down.

It’s easier to dance with baby elephants than full-grown bulls.

#3. Persecute recurring problems.

When you have the same conversation over and over, call it out. You waited too long when you feel deja’vu. Refusing to change your approach has become hard-headed stupidity, not grit.

Approach recurring problems with a commitment to find actionable solutions. Don’t allow yourself to rehash old issues for the third time.

What positive value might worry offer?

Added resources:

The Advantage of Atychiphobia – the Fear of Failure

Physical Effects of Worrying

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Talent Sourcing Strategies Starter Guide: Learn The Basics

If you believe your business is only as strong as your employees, acquiring talent should be an ongoing focus. When seeking talent, you want to make sure you are considering as many of the best people as possible. Talent sourcing strategies can help you find great candidates who may not be actively applying at your company.

What Is Talent Sourcing?

Talent sourcing involves taking active steps to identify and recruit the best candidates for your company, even before you have a specific opening. You may conduct extensive research about the identified candidates for high-level jobs before contacting them to gauge interest. 

Through successful talent sourcing, you should have a pool of candidates who would fit well in your company. Once a job vacancy occurs, you already have a line of communication going on with potential high-level candidates.

You don’t have to limit your pool of candidates to those who are actively seeking a job when performing talent sourcing. Perhaps your research shows many of the most talented people already have a good job. You can still reach out to these potential candidates to gauge interest in working for you in the future.

Talent Sourcing Vs. Recruiting

Think of talent sourcing as seeking out people who may be great for a future opening. Recruiting involves actively seeking someone to fill a current job opening. Both talent sourcing and recruiting involve finding highly talented people for your company. 

Talent sourcing involves networking with those talented individuals, determining over time whether this person would be a good fit for your company. Talent sourcing can help you find candidates for highly specialized positions that may not be open for months or years in the future. 

Recruiting is more immediate. You are trying to fill a position that is currently open with a highly talented…

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Episode 1926 Scott Adams PART2: Let’s Talk About Election System Credibility, If That Is Still Legal, More

Episode 1926 Scott Adams PART2: Let’s Talk About Election System Credibility, If That Is Still Legal, More


  • If President Trump develops a fentanyl plan
  • FTX crypto creator Bankman-Fried
  • Why TikTok isn’t going to be banned
  • Delayed election vote counts
  • Arizona election system
  • Why midterms didn’t go as predicted
  • If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topicsto build your talent stack, please see scottadams.locals.com for full access to that secret treasure.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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How to Create Evergreen Content That Generates Traffic to Your Site

Every digital marketer understands that publishing articles or blog posts on your website is an excellent way to create content for your SEO strategy and build awareness. On top of that, you also get to connect to your audience on a deeper level.

However, many marketers focus on publishing seasonal content or articles on trending topics, which can drive traffic, but only for a limited time.

According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Trends Report (2022), 83% of marketers say it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity of content, even if it means publishing fewer blog posts.

But if your content depends on trending topics, how can you create quality content that lasts? Enter evergreen content.

First, let’s be honest; creating evergreen content isn’t a walk in the park. Many marketers have tried creating this type of content on their websites but can’t seem to get the results they need.

So how do you create something that doesn’t age?

In this article, I’ll discuss what evergreen content is, why it is important to have one, and how you can create one that will give you lasting results.

Let’s get started.

Evergreen Content Explained

I’m pretty sure many of you have heard this term many times already, and some of you might have an idea of what it is.

But for those still unfamiliar with it, evergreen content is search engine-optimized content that is relevant all year round and can stay fresh over an even longer period. Some may argue that any content is sustainable, given that it remains published once you upload it to your site.

But evergreen content isn’t just any other content. It continues to be of interest to your target audience even after its publication date, attracting more visitors over time.

The topics used in evergreen content are those that many users will search for at any time of the year, making it an excellent strategy for SEO and content marketing.

This type of content comes in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your products or services, evergreen formats can range from listicles, how-to guides, tips, reviews, and videos. Something to note is that producing these formats doesn’t automatically make your content evergreen.

The main ingredient to making evergreen content is the topic, which should stand the test of time.

To understand this better, let’s look at seasonal content. This type of content contains topics tied to a specific time of the year, a trending item, or even in the news or social media. The hype on these topics usually dies down once enough time is passed.

For instance, marketers often produce content for various holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Content around these times can often generate traffic, but once the holiday is over, it’s unlikely that level of traffic will continue.

Content Marketing CertificationContent Marketing Certification

Want to…

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6 Ways to Lead with Heart

6 Ways to Lead with Heart

Lead with heart to get above the fog.

Lead with heart to get above the fog. Image of a foggy forest.Lead with heart to get above the fog. Image of a foggy forest.

6 ways to lead with heart:

#1. Get above the fog.

Purpose is about heart. Declare the purpose of meetings before people show up, for example. Set goals with deadlines.

Lead with heart by bringing up tough topics with openness.

#2. Strengthen relationships between others.

You enrich people when you provide opportunity to build relationships with others.

I hadn’t talked with John Spence in years; so I reached out. We connected and he introduced me to philosopher Tom Morris. A coaching client introduced me to a corporate leader at Chick-fil-A Supply. A friend and long-time reader of Leadership Freak introduced me to executive coach Heath Diekart. An editor at BenBella introduced me to David Adler, founder of BizBash.

Relationships enrich life.

#3. Provide a steady hand on the rudder.

Anxious leaders have anxious followers.

Don’t add to anxiety unnecessarily. Provide stability; establish rituals at work.

  1. Greet people with a smile and eye contact.
  2. Walk around once or twice a day.
  3. Be known for asking some of the same questions. When you ask the same questions, people know what matters.

The only reason to open your mouth is to make something better. Image of baby birds with open mouths.The only reason to open your mouth is to make something better. Image of baby birds with open mouths.

#4. Say nice things to people.

Problems, pressure, and stress make being nice unusual. Don’t lower standards to be nice. Lead with heart.

Don’t confuse tough with mean.

Don’t turn coaching into criticizing.

Only open your mouth to make things better.

#5. Practice challenge AND support.

Ask two questions before your one-on-ones.

  1. How can I challenge people to challenge themselves?
  2. How can I support people without creating helplessness?

#6. Give people control.

Control freaks make lousy leaders. Talent likes to drive the boat.

Set a clear coarse and get out of the way.

Control freak question: How can I give control to others?

How can leaders lead with heart?

Still curious:

4 Ways to Become a Leader with an Open Heart

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Background Check For Employment Starter Guide: Learn The Basics

Make sound hiring decisions with Intelius, the best background check company for most businesses. Start your 7-day trial at a discounted rate of only $0.95.

Considering the candidate’s background is a no-brainer before making any personnel hiring decisions. It isn’t illegal to do a background check to find out about a person’s work history, education, criminal record, financial history, and medical history—in fact, it’s encouraged as a way to narrow down your candidate pool to the most worthy and reliable individuals. When doing background checks for employment, you need to consider several factors, including why they’re important, what they entail, and how to conduct them.

The 5 Best Companies for Employment Background Checks

Although not mandatory, background checks help you hire reliable and talented people and remove candidates who may hurt your business and brand. After an in-depth search into the best background check companies on the market, we identified the following five to be the most efficient and thorough:

  • Intelius — Best for unlimited background checks
  • GoodHire — Best for flexible pricing and intermittent use
  • B&B Reporting — Best for next-day background check results
  • Accurate — Most affordable background checks for small businesses
  • Verifirst — Best background check service for property management companies

What Is a Background Check for Employment?

A background check is a vetting process employers use to verify a candidate is who they claim to be. It involves determining the validity of the information presented by the candidate when applying for the job and identifying any potential red flags before officially hiring them.

Why Is Running a Pre-Employment Background Check Important?

Comprehensive background checks for employment have a wide range of benefits, including increasing application quality, reducing workplace violence, and…

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Episode 1927 Scott Adams PART1: Are We Headed Toward The Most Entertaining Election Outcome? Maybe Yes

Episode 1927 Scott Adams PART1: Are We Headed Toward The Most Entertaining Election Outcome? Maybe Yes


  • A conversation with your AI aged self
  • Busted with 20,000 Fentanyl pills
  • WEF’s government penetration
  • Elon Musk vs Senator Ed Markey
  • Dave Chappelle on SNL
  • Checking if you voted
  • If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topicsto build your talent stack, please see scottadams.locals.com for full access to that secret treasure.

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Content Proofreading Tips: Catch Goofs with These 10 Writing Essentials

Content Proofreading Tips: Catch Goofs with These 10 Writing Essentials 18&63,h=A>>12&63,n=A>>6&63,o=63&A,u[l++]=i.charAt(a)+i.charAt(h)+i.charAt(n)+i.charAt(o);while(d 10 Content Proofreading Tips to Catch More Avoidable Goofs ‘ + data.settings.title + ” : ” }}} ]]>

]]> {{{ data.label }}} ]]>

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3 Destructive Lies about Feelings

3 Destructive Lies about Feelings

Two-year olds do what they feel.

You’re doomed until you learn to live beyond feelings.

You’re unstable when feelings control you. You’re unpredictable until character – not emotion – guides action. When you feel like sleeping do you go with your gut and stay in bed or do you jump in the shower? The difference is character.

A person governed by character is predictable, but you tiptoe around emotional volatility. The less tiptoeing teams need to do the more success they enjoy.

Don’t wait to feel it just get busy.

You're doomed until you learn to live beyond emotion. Image of a dark cliff.You're doomed until you learn to live beyond emotion. Image of a dark cliff.

3 destructive lies about feelings:

Lie #1: You need to feel it before you do it.

The notion that you need to feel it before you do it is bull crap! People protest, “I feel like a hypocrite when emotion doesn’t align with action.”

Did you feel like giving your first public talk? Probably not. But you did.

When you do the right thing when you feel like doing the wrong thing, you’re responsible, not hypocritical.

Lie #2: It’s disingenuous when you do something you don’t feel.

Manipulation is disingenuous. When you feel like lying but tell truth it’s character.

You’re completely genuine when you live into your aspirational self. You don’t have to feel grateful to practice gratitude when you aspire to be grateful.

Practice gratitude when you don’t feel grateful. Someone might complain, “But I feel like a hypocrite. Isn’t it disingenuous when you do something you don’t feel?”

Lie #3: You can’t make yourself feel something.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who feel their way into behaviors and those who behave their way into feeling.

Emotion follows action. image of young ducks swimming.Emotion follows action. image of young ducks swimming.

Emotion follows action.

Action produces emotion.

Put a big smile on your face and your brain starts thinking you’re happy. Practice gratitude: feelings follow.

What do you do when you don’t feel like doing the right thing?

Here’s more:

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude when You Don’t Feel Grateful

Four Ways Gratitude Helps You with Difficult Feelings

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Paylocity Review – What Makes Paylocity Great and Where Paylocity Falls Short

Paylocity is an online payroll and HR service that helps to simplify the payment processes of any-sized business in any industry. Paylocity goes beyond traditional software by combining payroll and HR, creating an all-in-one solution with functions in workforce management, talent, and benefits.

Paylocity offers flexible solutions with top-tier support, making it easy to automate processes and enhance employee and workplace connections.

Paylocity Brand LogoPaylocity Brand Logo

Paylocity Compared

While Paylocity didn’t make it onto our top list, that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent product overall. With that said, the best online payroll service for most people is Gusto because of its easy accessibility and its ability to cater to remote and hybrid workforces. Sign up for Gusto today, with pricing plans starting at just $46 per month

Want to read more about the top best online payroll services? We reviewed dozens of options and narrowed it down to the top five. 

  • Gusto — Best for dispersed workforces
  • Paychex — Best for experienced payroll teams
  • OnPay — Best for simplifying all things payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll — Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  • ADP — Best for never outgrowing your payroll provider

If you want to scope out all of your options, see all of our top picks here.

About Paylocity

Even though Paylocity didn’t make it onto our top list, it still offers an all-in-one solution for all your payroll and HR needs. Paylocity aims to create a streamlined workflow for its clients without the need to outsource or pay for extra functionality. 

Paylocity’s products include payroll, human resources, workforce management, talent, benefits, employee experience, and data insights. Paylocity…

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