Top 6 Best DNS Hosting Providers of 2022 – In-Depth Review

Our recommendation for the best DNS hosting provider is Cloudflare because of its terrific free plan, affordable pricing, and high-level security and performance. Simply answer four questions to get a personalized recommendation for your best hosting plan.  

Your web host may already offer free DNS, but it’s worth evaluating its features to ensure you get the best deal. The best DNS hosting providers offer numerous benefits, including tight security, DNS filtering to avoid getting connected to malicious websites, and high availability and uptime. Fortunately, there are many free and paid DNS services to match your specific hosting requirements. 

The Top 6 Best DNS Hosting Providers 

We assessed more than two-dozen DNS hosting providers checking for speed, latency, uptime history, infrastructure, and customization. We think Cloudflare is the best DNS host with multiple affordable price points, peak performance, and exceptional infrastructure. Try Cloudflare for free today.   

Below are our top performers for the best DNS hosting providers:

Company logos for the best DNS hosting providers reviewsCompany logos for the best DNS hosting providers reviews

Match Your Scenario to the Right DNS Hosting Solution 

We’ve picked the top contenders for the best DNS hosting solution. However, the best is often subjective. It boils down to the specific use case. So we created this section to highlight common scenarios and which DNS hosting solution works best for each use case. 

You want to separate domain name registration and hosting

Best Option: Cloudflare 

There are many reasons to separate your domain name registration from DNS hosting. For example, you can easily switch to a better hosting partner without changing your domain name. Similarly, your domain registrar may provide top-notch privacy, but a different web host offers better…

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The Easy Diet That Can Double Weight Loss

The diet can lead to 5.5 more pounds of weight loss.

Vegetarian diets produce the most weight loss, research finds.

Diets that do not contain meat are linked to significantly more weight loss.

Vegetarian dieters typically lose around 4.4 pounds more than those following diets that include meat.

A vegan diet is even more effective for losing weight, with an average weight loss of 5.5 pounds more than those eating meat.

Vegetarian diets are particularly effective for weight loss because of the high intake of fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

Vegetables and whole grains typically have a high glycaemic index, meaning they do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Fruits are rich in fibre and contain many antioxidants and minerals that naturally protect the body.

Fibre helps to slow down the rate at which food leaves the stomach, which stops people from feeling hungry.

Eating more fibre is repeatedly linked to weight loss by research.

The conclusions come from a review of 12 separate studies including 1,151 participants in total.

The studies all compared people who were dieting on vegetarian diets with those dieting while still eating meat.

There are two types of vegetarian diets, the authors write:

“The two major types of vegetarian diets are the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, in which meats are avoided but consumption of milk and eggs is allowed, and the vegan diet, in which all products originating from animals are avoided.”

The results showed that vegetarian diets were superior for weight loss.

The study’s author explain the results:

“Vegetarian diets appeared to have significant benefits on weight reduction compared to non-vegetarian diets.

Further long-term trials are needed to investigate the effects of vegetarian diets on body weight control.”

Another study has found that vegetarian diets can double weight loss.

The study was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine (Huang et al., 2019).

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The 5 Secrets to Community Onboarding: How to Reduce Churn and Create Super Fans

Crap, it’s happened again. You’ve arrived at a party where you don’t know anyone, and the host is nowhere to be found. The anxious tango begins. Are you supposed to just walk in? Who do you approach? Is everything in the kitchen? Why is it so loud (yet impossible to understand a word anyone says)? Is that Ashley from college or a doppelganger you have never met who will look at you in confusion when you ask where the punch is?

Then it hits you… OH NO. WHERE IS THE BATHROOM?

Matt catches your eye right before the panic wave crashes over you. Finally, the host, in all his glory and knowledge — he’s here to save the day and your bladder! He greets you warmly and shows you around the place. You note exactly where the bathroom is before he brings you to a group of familiar faces. It’s Matt’s friends you played volleyball with that one time! You’re instantly at ease, chatting with people who share your interests and Matt, the host with the most.

Walking into a party without your host can feel confusing, alienating, and frustrating. And for your customers, joining a new community without onboarding is just as bad.

You want to make sure your new members…

  • Don’t feel lost or overwhelmed
  • Have the information, resources, and tools they need at their fingertips
  • Discover new facets of the program or community they weren’t aware of before
  • Connect with the Community Manager, so they feel supported
  • Have the right expectations and understand what the journey holds for them

Here are 5 easy ways to engage your new community members from the beginning and ensure their long-term success.

Become a Certified Community Specialist

Learn how to develop meaningful relationships with your customers and automate the customer acquisition process.

Click here

Welcome Emails

Never underestimate the power of a good welcome email series. In most cases, it’s their first impression, and we all know you don’t get two of those.

In the first email, you should welcome and congratulate them, re-introduce yourself, and inform your new member about what to expect. Sure, they know who you are, but give them a bit more insight so they can truly start to feel that connection build. Be the reason they’re excited to dive in, in fact — be their hype-human! Make sure they know you’re excited to meet them and make it as simple as possible for them to access what they’ve signed up for — and in some cases, paid for.

In the following emails, you should aim to empower them and set expectations. They’re in a new world, and with the help of your emails, they will become self-sufficient and be more willing to establish connections with members on their own, rather than…

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Anyone Can Learn to Lead

Anyone Can Learn to Lead

Stop saying, “I’m just not good at that.” If you aren’t good at leadership, learn to lead. Don’t cower behind, “I’m not wired that way.”

Learn to lead from the genetic platform you were given. Wiring isn’t an excuse for apathy, incompetence, or careless mistakes.

A person of average intelligence can learn to lead, regardless of genetic wiring.

Extroverts learn to listen.

Introverts learn to give presentations.

Tender hearts learn to have tough conversations.

Genetic wiring is a starting point, not a cap on potential.

A person of average intelligence can learn to lead, regardless of genetic wiring. Image of a child reading a book.A person of average intelligence can learn to lead, regardless of genetic wiring. Image of a child reading a book.

Learn to lead – you’re not a dog:

Pavlov controlled dogs’ saliva by associating a clicking metronome to the arrival of food. Eventually dogs salivated when they heard the metronome, even when food was absent. Yes, people can be conditioned to respond in specific ways. But people aren’t dogs.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Attribution uncertain.

Genetic wiring doesn’t erase personal responsibility. Hot-tempered people can’t say, “I was born with a short fuse.” Control your responses.

Genetic wiring is a starting point, not a cap on potential.Genetic wiring is a starting point, not a cap on potential.

Learn to lead – take responsibility:

Our focus on genetic wiring and personality assessments is becoming justification for irresponsibility. People say, “I’m not responsible. That’s the way I’m wired.” I say, “Bull crap.”

Stop acting like Pavlov’s dogs. Life is a combination of genetics, environment, and volition. You can’t control genetics. You can influence environments. You control decisions.

Don’t blame genetic wiring or environments for poor performance. Leaders take responsibility for themselves.

You can’t go far when genetic wiring validates incompetence.

Worry about things you can control.

Accept things you can’t.

Live beyond your wiring.

Introverts can learn to speak up. Extroverts can learn to shut up, for example.

What uncomfortable skills have you learned that strengthen your leadership?

Still curious:

The Best Leaders Know 3 Things Average Leaders Don’t

How to Navigate the Gap Between Responsibility and Ability

Taking Responsibility Is the Highest Mark of Great Leaders

Like this:

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Top 6 Best Shopping Cart Software of 2022 – In-Depth Review

Our recommendation for the best shopping cart software for most people is Shopify because it offers the most seamless service. Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card is required

After reviewing dozens of shopping cart software on the market, we narrowed it down to the top six best options. Whether you need a higher security checkout system or want to give your customers the best possible shopping experience, shopping cart software can help transform your entire checkout process. 

The Top 6 Best Shopping Cart Software

  • Shopify — Best for one-click checkout
  • Ecwid — Best for high security
  • Shift4Shop — Best for customizable checkout
  • Shopaccino — Best for rewarding customers
  • OpenCart — Best free shopping cart software
  • X-Cart — Best for high-volume sales

Company logos for our best shopping cart software reviewsCompany logos for our best shopping cart software reviews

Match Your Scenario to the Right Shopping Cart Software Solution

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right shopping cart software solution that will fit your brand’s needs. To alleviate the stress of deciding, we’ve put together five of the most common scenarios that might lead you to invest in shopping cart software. 

You Need a Seamless Checkout Experience 

Best Option: Shopify 

Instead of sending your customers to different payment portals every time they make a purchase or having a tedious, multi-page checkout with unnecessary forms, Shopify offers the most seamless checkout experience with its one-click checkout system. Shopify lets your customers shop now and pay later, ensuring you can make sales four times faster.

Another great choice: Shift4Shop

While Shift4Shop allows you to add multi-page checkouts, your customers can still utilize its one-page checkout system for…

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2 Signs That Your Relationship Will Last

Psychologists can predict which relationships will go the distance.

Two signs a relationship will last are that both partners have similar needs and similar levels of satisfaction at the start of the relationship.

For example, the relationships of people who have similar needs for closeness tend to last longer.

Those who have similar needs for maintaining a separate life tend to stay together longer.

People who start off having dissimilar needs, though, face a higher risk of splitting up later on.

The same is true where one partner is less satisfied than the other at the start.

In contrast, people who are equally satisfied with their relationship at the start tend to stay together.

The conclusions come from a study that examined how relationship development affected whether people would stay together in the long-term.

Dr Christine Finn, the study’s first author, said:

“Predictions as to the longevity of a relationship are definitely possible.

Right at the outset of a relationship, one can find typical features – that is to say certain prediction variables – that provide information on whether or not the relationship will be long-lasting.”

The study included 1,965 couples whose relationships were tracked for seven years.

Sixteen percent of couples broke up during the study period.

The researchers applied two models of relationship development in their work.

The first is based on the idea that people’s relationship problems develop during the relationship rather than being unchangeable from the very start.

The second model is based on the idea that people start at different levels of relationship satisfaction.

Dr Finn explained:

“We have now discovered that there is actually a combination of the two models.

We too can confirm that there are differing levels to begin with.

In addition, happiness declines in both groups.

However, in those who later separate, this happens significantly faster, meaning that a person who starts off unhappy becomes increasingly unhappy.”

Despite this, no relationship is doomed to fail right from the start, said Dr Finn:

“It is not our intention to further reinforce the general trend for optimisation and only to have a relationship that is result-oriented, with the prospect of it being long-lasting.

Even if couples split up after a time, it can still be a valuable and important phase in their lives, which might have a positive influence on the next relationship.

Furthermore, couples can also consciously influence and work on their mutual interests and on cultivating closeness as well as independence.”

The study was published in the journal Developmental Psychology (Finn et al., 2020).

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Top 8 Best Mobile Device Management Software – 2022 Review

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best mobile device management software for most people is Kandji or Jamf Pro.

With the rise of BYOD in the workplace, employees use phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access work-related business apps. But the practice of using personal devices at work poses a threat to corporate security.

Enter MDM—mobile device management. MDM software allows IT teams to manage, monitor, and facilitate personal devices in the workplace.

The Top 8 Best Mobile Device Management Software

How to choose the best mobile device management software.'s methodology for reviewing mobile device management software.How to choose the best mobile device management software.'s methodology for reviewing mobile device management software.

The reviews below contain the features, benefits, pricing, use cases, and potential drawbacks of each MDM solution in this guide.

Kandji – Best MDM software for Apple devices

  • Supports all OS systems
  • Elegant user interface
  • 14-day free trial
  • Easy setup and onboarding

Try for free

If you’re looking for a mobile device management and security platform that works as smoothly and seamlessly as your team’s Apple devices, Kandji should be at the top of your list. 

Kandji delivers powerful device management while offering users the elegant interface they already enjoy and expect. Kandji supports iOS, macOS, ipadOS, and tvOS devices.

Kandji’s Liftoff feature makes it easy for new hires to take their Mac from the box to enterprise-ready with the correct apps, settings, and security controls in place–all from wherever they are located in the world. 

Liftoff also automates as much as possible for your IT administrator, making remote deployment a…

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Episode 1894 Scott Adams PART1: Musk Versus Bremmer, Drafting Women, AI Does Podcasting And More Fun

Episode 1894 Scott Adams PART1: Musk Versus Bremmer, Drafting Women, AI Does Podcasting And More Fun


  • Brett Baier vs former CIA officer David Priess
  • Jake Tapper interviews President Biden
  • LA Times endorses Governor Newsom
  • Democrats hiding discussion of anything real
  • Ian Bremmer vs Elon Musk
  • 3 Part peace plan for Ukraine war
  • If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topicsto build your talent stack, please see for full access to that secret treasure.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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An Email Marketing Strategy People Enjoy: Try the Betty Crocker Secret

An Email Marketing Strategy People Enjoy: Try the Betty Crocker Secret 18&63,h=A>>12&63,n=A>>6&63,o=63&A,u[l++]=i.charAt(a)+i.charAt(h)+i.charAt(n)+i.charAt(o);while(d The Betty Crocker Secret to an Email Marketing Strategy People Enjoy ‘ + data.settings.title + ” : ” }}} ]]>

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