Performance Management Best Practices Starter Guide: Learn The Basics

Performance management is a term usually used to refer to the process of making sure that employees, activities, and/or outputs in an organization meet their goals. 

It involves things like evaluating employee performance and targets, as well as supporting employee growth and improving employee experience. Good performance management should focus on both company goals and employee satisfaction and should be managed in a positive way, rather than by overworking teams or setting unreasonable goals. 

When done right, performance management can improve productivity, create a strong culture of happiness and trust in a company, and help businesses understand where they need to improve if they want to meet their goals. 

Why is Performance Management Important? 

Good performance management enables employees to perform better because they are being supported, they have good training and instruction, and they are in an environment that encourages growth and new ideas. 

At the same time, it also makes it easier for a business as a whole to meet its goals. When employee performance is good and individual strengths are obvious, it’s easier for managers to put people into roles and teams where they can thrive, which leads to targets being met faster and better overall productivity. 

Without performance management, companies risk employee dissatisfaction, which in turn leads to losing employees, revenue, and profit. Without documented performance management, analyzing and growing from past mistakes is also difficult.  

Best Strategies for Performance Management 

There are a few tried and tested strategies for effective performance management that are helpful to both employees and management teams. Here are some of the top proven strategies for companies to help support employees and meet their goals: 

Holding Frequent Performance Meetings 

Having frequent meetings between managers and employees is important for setting and meeting goals, but also for catching any problems before they…

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Episode 1925 Scott Adams PART2: How Much Should You Trust The Arizona Election? Can Trump Get Elected Now?

Episode 1925 Scott Adams PART2: How Much Should You Trust The Arizona Election? Can Trump Get Elected Now?


  • Arizona voting system
  • President Trump, Ivanka & Jared
  • GOP getting a beating over midterm results
  • Did Trump’s influence help or hurt midterms?
  • What group is most hurt by democrat policies?
  • Safer alternatives for drug users?
  • If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topicsto build your talent stack, please see for full access to that secret treasure.

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7 Examples of Professional Development Goals

Setting actionable professional development goals is invaluable for career progression. However, these goals impact many more areas of your professional life, including increasing productivity, clarifying your career path, improving job satisfaction, and becoming a better employee. Of course, the professional development goals you choose depend on your career aspirations.

You can identify reasonable individual goals by deciding where you want to be in five to ten years. Alternatively, you can use the results of your performance review to identify areas for improvement. Finally, ensure your goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This post covers examples of the most common professional development goals. 

1. Do Your Job Better 

Setting professional development goals can be intimidating, requiring both time and money. However, you don’t need to have your entire career path mapped to identify relevant goals. Instead, you can start where you are with what you have—that is, learn to do your current job better. 

Workplace skills, also known as employability skills, refer to the basic proficiency or know-how required to perform your daily tasks at the workplace. These skills are often transferable, meaning they are still valuable even when you leave for a different company or start your own business. 

Focusing on the skills related to your current job or position is essential. For example, learning a new language might help you communicate better with a particular client demographic. Similarly, improving your public speaking skill can help you make more impactful and exciting presentations. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Your most recent job evaluation can help you identify specific areas to improve. Some valuable workplace skills worth improving include:

  • Communication 
  • Management 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Organization 
  • Self-regulation 
  • Time management 
  • Teamwork

Developing your workplace skills offers some of the best returns on investment. For example, you’ll…

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Weight Loss: The Most Effective Technique To Shed Belly Fat

The technique helps to break down fats, effectively melting them away.

The best way to shed belly fat is through exercise, a study finds.

More belly fat is lost by people doing exercise than those taking medications designed for weight loss.

A molecule called interleukin-6 is released by exercise.

This helps to break down fats, effectively melting them away.

Dr Anne-Sophie Wedell-Neergaard, the study’s first author, said:

“The take home for the general audience is ‘do exercise’.

We all know that exercise promotes better health, and now we also know that regular exercise training reduces abdominal fat mass and thereby potentially also the risk of developing cardio-metabolic diseases.”

The research included 53 people who exercised for 45 minutes, several times a week.

The results showed that belly fat was reduced by an average of 8 percent in those who did exercise.

Some people were given a drug that blocks the action of interleukin-6.

The results showed that this group put on weight, suggesting that interleukin-6 is important for weight loss.

Dr Wedell-Neergaard said:

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to show that interleukin-6 has a physiological role in regulating visceral fat mass in humans.”

Unfortunately, there is no food or combination of foods, that have been found to get rid of belly fat.

However, diet and exercise can both help.

Eating healthily is also beneficial for general health, reducing the risk of dementia, cancer and other diseases.

Dr Wedell-Neergaard said:

“It is important to stress that when you start exercising, you may increase body weight due to increased muscle mass.

So, in addition to measuring your overall body weight, it would be useful, and maybe more important, to measure waist circumference to keep track of the loss of visceral fat mass and to stay motivated.”

The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism (Wedell-Neergaard et al., 2018).

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5 Strategies for Growing Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful way to connect with more people who are interested in what you have to offer. Growing your business through digital marketing can help you reach your ultimate goal: more revenue.

In fact, a study by StrategyR revealed that the compound annual growth rate of digital marketing from 2020-2026 is projected at 13.9%. This means more businesses will be embracing digital marketing and reaping its benefits.

Do you really want to be left behind?

A digital marketing strategy directs your focus to certain targets, priorities, resources, and actions, usually over the long haul. These strategies enable you to achieve your primary objectives and aim for next-level growth.

Read on and learn the five strategies that will help you in growing your business through digital marketing.

5 Strategies for Growing Your Business Through Digital Marketing

Here are the top five digital marketing strategies you can use to build your business.

1. Maintain an Active Social Presence

If you want to grow your business using digital marketing, it’s important to establish a solid online presence on social media and search engines. And an active one at that.

According to recent estimates by Statista, more than 4.26 billion people used social media in 2021, which is expected to rise to nearly six billion by 2027.

When you maintain an active online presence on social media, you’ll be able to attract attention to your company without making a huge financial investment.

Sharing valuable engaging content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is a great way to gain more online exposure.

Here are a few other ways to maintain an active online presence:

  • Keep up with the latest trends on social media
  • Regularly update your website’s blog and share it on social media
  • Create and share product demo videos

You can also put up captivating infographics that exhibit distinctive ways of establishing the relevance of your business and brand.

However, it’s important not to spread yourself too thin by joining every social media platform out there.

Stick to the channels where your target customers are most likely to be active. In doing so, you’ll be able to maximize the impact of your digital marketing efforts.

2. Recognize and Respond to all Consumer Feedback and Reviews

According to BrightLocal, more consumers are reading online reviews than ever before. In 2021, 77% of them always or regularly read them when browsing for local businesses (up from 60% in 2020).

Customer feedback and reviews are great as they can help with customer experience management. You can easily figure out what they need from their reviews and make the required improvements.

Additionally, responding to positive and negative reviews can also help you manage the perception of your business.

And that’s why you should prioritize learning how to respond to both good and negative customer feedback.

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The Heart of Time Management

The Heart of Time Management

Everything feels urgent to a person without priorities.

You master life when you master time management.

When everything is a priority, you run around with your hair on fire.

Time management begins with knowing what's important. Image of a daily planner.Time management begins with knowing what's important. Image of a daily planner.

The heart of time management:

One simple question is the heart of time management. What is your priority today? The question takes several forms.

  1. What’s the one thing you must complete today?
  2. When this day is over, what will you be proud you did? (Think beyond day-to-day urgencies.)
  3. What commitment do you have that enables you to say no?
  4. Where will you focus your best time and energy today?
  5. What’s important today?

A new agenda item:

You can’t manage time until you know what’s important.

In weekly team meetings ask, “What are your priorities this week?” In one-on-ones ask, “What are your priorities?”

Meetings that focus on last week’s performance are half done. What are next week’s priorities?

When people list 10 or 15 priorities, they don’t have priorities.

When someone declares a priority, it’s permission for others to ask about it. How are you doing with your priorities this week?

Anything that displaces a priority is valued more than a priority. What would you say to someone who displaces meaningful work with low-impact activity?

Putt off low impact activities so you can do what matters. Image of a squirrel. Putt off low impact activities so you can do what matters. Image of a squirrel.

Why time management takes courage:

It takes courage to say everything isn’t a priority today. I wonder if leaders are afraid to identify priorities because they have to do everything.

Priorities rank to-dos. Do you have courage to say most of the important things on your list aren’t a priority today?

Leaders who lack priorities carry to-dos forward for weeks. Anything on your to-do list that’s been there for a month or two needs to be erased. Forget about it.

A priority is something that best expresses mission, vision, and values today.

What makes time management so challenging?

How do you set priorities?

More practical suggestions:

Successful Time Management isn’t about Getting More Done

Multitasking Makes you Stupid: Single-Tasking is Smarter

20 Time Management Tips for Professionals

Like this:

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Paycor Review – What Makes Paycor Great and Where Paycor Falls Short

Paycor is a payroll processing provider that serves more than 2.3 million users. Paycor modernizes the HR process with automated and flexible tools and combines them with best-in-class implementation tactics that ensure a seamless software transition. 

With additional products in talent management, workforce management, and benefits administration, Paycor can become an all-in-one provider for all things HR and payroll. 

Paycor logoPaycor logo

Paycor Compared

Paycor didn’t make it onto our top list, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide a satisfying service. With that said, the best online payroll service for most people is Gusto because of its excellent ability to cater to dispersed and hybrid workforces. Sign up for Gusto today, with pricing plans starting at just $46 per month

Want to read more about the top best online payroll services? We reviewed dozens of options and narrowed it down to the top five. If you want to scope out all of your options, see all of our top picks here.

  • Gusto — Best for dispersed workforces
  • Paychex — Best for experienced payroll teams
  • OnPay — Best for simplifying all things payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll — Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  • ADP — Best for never outgrowing your payroll provider

About Paycor

Even though Paycor didn’t make it onto our top list, it still offers a wide range of products, services, and features that make payroll processing easier. Paycor aims to simplify the payroll process so you don’t waste valuable time. 

Paycor’s suite of products includes payroll and HR software, analytics, recruiting and onboarding software, time and attendance software, and scheduling software. Paycor also supports employees with a learning management and…

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4 Surprising Benefits Of Depression

Depressed has some benefits and may even be necessary, positive and have advantages sometimes.

One benefit of depression is that it is an adaptive way of dealing with certain problems in life, such as relationship breakdown and illness, say the authors of a study.

While clinical depression is a serious mental health issue, the researchers argue that by examining how depression might have originally arisen, we can better understand how to treat it.

Dr. Paul Andrews, who led the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, said:

“Depression has long been seen as nothing but a problem.

We are asking whether it may actually be a natural adaptation that the brain uses to tackle certain problems.

We are seeing more evidence that depression can be a necessary and beneficial adaptation to dealing with major, complex issues that defy easy understanding.”

In fact, people who are depressed display some surprising advantages in their thinking skills.

Depressed people:

  1. process information more deeply.
  2. are more accurate at complex tasks.
  3. make better judgements on detail-oriented information.
  4. make more accurate cost-benefit analyses.

Benefit of depression

The researchers developed a questionnaire which measures ‘analytical rumination’, a mental process which is thought to be an ancient defence mechanism and the root of depression (Barbic et al., 2014).

Analytical rumination is where people turn problems over in their heads to the exclusion of all else, trying to look for a solution.

They first examine the problem’s cause, then the things that need solving, any possible solutions plus the costs and benefits of each solution.

The symptoms of depression, which often include lethargy, difficulty sleeping, poor concentration and disinterest in other people or the external world, may actually be ways of saving energy while a person is focusing on the problem.

Positives of depression

Clinical depression may be a result of this natural process getting out of control, causing people to withdraw from the world after getting stuck in a loop.

Dr Skye Barbic, the study’s first author, said:

“Based on how people answer our questions, we can tailor appropriate levels of care and supports.

This set of questions can also inform completely different discussions between the clinician and the patient.

Instead of discussing the disease as a ‘bad thing’, clinicians may be able to help patients have insight about the potential adaptive purposes of their thinking and how this may be used as a strength to move forward in their lives.”

Dr Zachary Durisko, another of the study’s authors, said:

“When working with many people who experience chronic health conditions, depression is often the limiting factor to recovery and goal attainment.

The test can potentially quickly tell us when people are struggling to identify their problems, trying to set goals, or trying to move forward in their lives. “


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The Ultimate Guide for Creating Diversity-Friendly Ads


We live in the most diverse and multicultural times in the history of the world. Technology has helped people migrate from different countries with much more ease than ever before. In the United States alone, it is estimated that by 2044 the sum population of all minorities will surpass the population of white Americans.

Any savvy businessman or marketer knows that this means their brand needs to adapt fast or be prepared to get left behind.

We hope, with this article, to help your business transition its online advertising into a more diversified one.

Diversity in Ad Campaigns is a No-brainer

Diversity in Population is Growing Fast

According to Maryville University, current data shows that growth among racial and ethnic minority groups is outpacing that of Caucasians, indicating that America is becoming more diverse.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2020, nearly four out of every ten Americans identify as belonging to a racial or ethnic group other than white, implying that the white population will have decreased for the first time in the country’s history during the 2010-2020 decade. Furthermore, another U.S. Census Bureau mentions that more than half of Americans will belong to minority groups by 2044.

Minority Consumers Relate With Brands That Understand Them

In a recent survey held among American Muslim consumers, 400 out of 400 respondents reacted to the statement “(a) I am a Muslim and (b) my choice of a brand or product is influenced by how Muslim-friendly it is”, with a “yes” for both “(a)” and “(b)”. Furthermore, in another survey, “Up to 83% of people pointed to better representing modern society as the reason marketing campaigns were impactful in a positive way”. Also, 70% of Gen Z consumers trust brands that show diversity in their advertisements.

Businesses have no choice but to update their promotional assets from a marketing standpoint. Since advertisements are at the forefront of brand efforts, diversity must be represented correctly in ad material. The only way for brands to remain relatable is to provide diverse content for diverse audiences in a way that accurately represents modern society.

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Diversity in Marketing Creates Significant New Revenue Streams

Entering new markets makes it easier to generate new revenue. More diversity and inclusion contribute to a more cohesive society and allow businesses to target new markets and increase response rates with relatable content, benefiting their bottom lines.

According to Heat, a Deloitte-owned research firm, brands with the most representative advertisements saw an average stock gain of 44% during the seven-quarter…

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