The Vitamin That Helps You Retain Muscle Mass

Foods rich in this vitamin will improve muscle mass and prevent age-related muscle loss.

People with the best muscle mass tend to get lots of vitamin C, a study reveals.

Vitamin C is found in vegetables like red bell pepper and broccoli, citrus fruits including oranges, berries, cantaloupe, melon, and kiwi.

Vitamin C is crucial for building muscle and maintaining it as we get older, particularly over the age of 50.

Losing skeletal muscle mass is typical in older people which often results in a condition called sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia or muscles wasting can even effect persons in their 30s and those who have an inactive life.

The symptoms are decline in muscle size and function, weakness, difficulty with movement, poor balance, and so poor quality of life.

Professor Ailsa Welch, the study’s lead author, said:

“As people age, they lose skeletal muscle mass and strength.

People over 50 lose up to one percent of their skeletal muscle mass each year, and this loss is thought to affect more than 50 million people worldwide.

It’s a big problem, because it can lead to frailty and other poor outcomes such as sarcopenia, physical disability, type-2 diabetes, reduced quality of life and death.

We know that Vitamin C consumption is linked with skeletal muscle mass.

It helps defend the cells and tissues that make up the body from potentially harmful free radical substances.

Unopposed these free radicals can contribute to the destruction of muscle, thus speeding up age-related decline.

But until now, few studies have investigated the importance of Vitamin C intake for older people.

We wanted to find out whether people eating more Vitamin C had more muscle mass than other people.”

Researchers analysed data on 13,000 adult aged between 42 and 82 who participated in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study.

Along with calculating the participants’ skeletal muscle mass, their blood vitamin C levels were tested and their vitamin C intake was estimated using a seven-day food record.

Dr Richard Hayhoe, study co-author, said:

“We studied a large sample of older Norfolk residents and found that people with the highest amounts of vitamin C in their diet or blood had the greatest estimated skeletal muscle mass, compared to those with the lowest amounts.

We are very excited by our findings as they suggest that dietary vitamin C is important for muscle health in older men and women and may be useful for preventing age-related muscle loss.

This is particularly significant as Vitamin C is readily available in fruits and vegetables, or supplements, so improving intake of this vitamin is relatively straightforward.

We found that nearly 60 percent of men and 50 percent of women participants were not consuming as much Vitamin C as they should, according to the European Food Safety Agency recommendations.

We’re not talking about people needing mega-doses.

Eating a citrus fruit, such as an orange, each day and having a vegetable side to a meal will be sufficient for most people.”

The study was published in Journal of Nutrition (Lewis et al., 2020).

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Episode 308: Spending Too Much on Your Customer Acquisition? Here Are 4 Steps to Lower Your CPA

Perpetual Traffic | Episode 308: Spending Too Much on Your Customer Acquisition? Here Are 4 Steps to Lower Your CPA | DigitalMarketer Perpetual Traffic | Episode 308: Spending Too Much on Your Customer Acquisition? Here Are 4 Steps to Lower Your CPA | DigitalMarketer
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2021’s 6 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

Want to jump straight to the answer? We suggest WP GeoDirectory or Directories Pro for the best WordPress directory plugin. 

The Internet is full of directories.

In fact, your website might already be listed on some directories right now.

Directories like Yelp help consumers find a restaurant or service in their area. While a directory like Angie’s List connects people with contractors for things like electrical work, landscaping, and plumbing.

Both of these websites are very different—and they are both directories.

There’s a good chance you can find a way to implement a directory on your website. Law firms use website directories to list their lawyers and employees. Real estate companies have directories for their listings as well as their agents. A retail chain probably has an online directory for its store locations.

If you’re using WordPress, adding a directory to your website is simple. You just need to install a plugin.

The 6 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

Below are my in-depth reviews of the six best WordPress directory plugins:



GeoDirectory has one of my favorite search interfaces, allowing you to create a massive global directory on your website.

This is a great option for those of you who are looking for a free WordPress directory plugin as well.

They make it easy for website visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for without sacrificing the look and visual appeal of your website.

This plugin offers a front-end form that allows other businesses and users to submit listings, so scaling your directory is limitless.

When someone searches for a business on your website, the listings are displayed by proximity, so users can see the closest and most relevant…

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Patience, Partnerships, and Payoffs: How Chase Elliott Personifies the Hendrick Way

I’m going to be honest with you—one of my favorite people in leadership is the incredible Rick Hendrick. Rick, known as Mr. H. to his people, is the owner of Hendrick Automotive Group—an organization of close to 100 car dealerships across the United States. If you were to drive onto the lot of any Hendrick Automotive store and you would immediately be struck by its cleanliness, friendliness, and exceptional customer service.

That’s because Mr. H deeply believes in the value of servant leadership; of having men and women all across his organization who are willing to value the person in front of them through meeting and exceeding their expectations. In fact, servant leadership is one of Hendrick Automotive’s six core values:

  1. Teamwork through trust and respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Committed to customer enthusiasm
  4. Passion for winning
  5. Accountability at all levels
  6. Servant leadership
  7. Commitment to continuous improvement

We have partnered with Mr. Hendrick and his team for years now within the Automotive Group, but those same values translate over to the teams of Hendrick Motorsports, which include Mr. Hendrick’s four different NASCAR racing teams, including such past champions and legends as Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, and now the latest champion in Chase Elliott.

For most fans of the sport, and to anyone who follows leadership, Chase’s championship was simply a matter of time.

That’s because Chase grew up in the NASCAR spotlight thanks to his father, Hall of Fame racer Bill Elliott. Fans of the sport watched Chase grow up through the ranks of racing, seeing in real time how his natural talents were strong. Chase was pegged early for greatness, and when he signed with Hendrick Motorsports, joining the teams of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., those natural talents were soon brought under the intentionality of Hendrick values and discipline.

So it was only a matter of time before Chase followed in his father’s footsteps in raising the NASCAR cup. Bill won his only championship in 1984.

What I love about this story is that I saw the groundwork for it back in 2016 when I traveled to the Hendrick Motorsports headquarters for an interview with Mr. Hendrick and Chase. At the time, he was still new to the team, but he was openly grateful for the investment that Mr. H was making in him, not just as a driver, but as a leader and a person.

We captured the conversation and featured it as part of our GO BIG! Project (now the Mentor’s Guide to Building a Championship Team), and it is still one of my favorite interviews from that resource. You can watch the entire interview below:

But here’s what I want you to take away from this incredible story: there are three things that all leaders need to understand when it comes to building a successful team.

  1. You must partner with the right people.

    One of the things I most admire about Rick Hendrick is his ability to find and work…

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Weight Loss: How To Escape The Exercise-More-Then-Eat-More Trap

Psychology study finds way out of exercise-more-then-eat-more trap.

A strange thing happen when people start exercising to lose weight.

Despite burning more calories, they frequently fail to shed the pounds.

One reason people give is that they start eating more.

It makes sense: you burn more calories, so you eat more, so you end up where you started, right?

Which leads to the question: why bother exercising for weight-loss?

The answer is: because it’s fun.

And in this one small word ‘fun’ may be a way out of this vicious circle of exercising more, then eating more.

It’s this thought that inspired Carolina Werle and colleagues to set up an experiment to test the effects on snacking of  ‘doing exercise’ versus just ‘having fun’ (Werle et al., 2014).

To investigate, they asked 56 mostly overweight women to take a half-hour walk, after which they would be served lunch.

But there was a little trick to how this walk was framed:

  • Half the women were told it was exercise and that they should monitor their exertion.
  • Half were told they were just having fun and they should listen to music on their walk and enjoy themselves.

Afterwards, while relaxing and eating their lunch, and without knowing it, the women demonstrated what the difference was between ‘exercising’ and ‘having fun’.

Not only were women who’d been ‘having fun’ happier and less tired after their walk, but they also ate less pudding and drank less soda.

Overall, despite burning the same amount of calories while walking, women who’d been walking for pleasure ate less afterwards.

The reason for this difference seems to be in how framing exercise affects people’s search for rewards:

“Engaging in a physical activity seems to trigger the search for reward when individuals perceive it as exercise but not when they perceive it as fun.” (Werle et al., 2014).

So the best advice is: stop exercising and go out and have fun.

If you accidentally happen to do some exercise while enjoying yourself, so much the better!


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The Definitive Guide to Video Prospecting

Like everything in the digital world, traditional prospecting is undergoing a big transformation. Picking up a phone and cold calling (or emailing) is just not as effective as it once was—you need to be smarter both when it comes to which users you’re engaging and what kinds of messages you’re using.

This second point is especially interesting: the types of messages you send can have a big effect on your outreach results. In today’s article, we’ll focus on one specific type of prospecting message and its uses—video.

Why video prospecting?

Bottom Line: If you’re not using video for sales prospecting, you’re potentially missing out. Video can be a great way to create an amazing customer experience and help you stand out from the noise. This guide will show you how.

In both inbound and outbound prospecting, you can use all kinds of content to get your leads’ attention. So, why are we focusing specifically on video?

First of all, video seems to be on the rise: it’s the medium that best attracts people’s time and attention. What’s more, current trends indicate that it might become even more popular in the future, given the fact that it’s more popular among younger audiences. 

Interestingly, we soon might see a drop in email marketing since it’s becoming less popular in the 18 to 24 group.

At Bonjoro, we have also seen our clients achieve some amazing results with video prospecting—one of them boosted their trial conversion rates by 29% with simple “welcome” videos.

While we’re clearly strong proponents of video content marketing, we also don’t advise using it for all prospects, in each stage of the funnel. The way you execute your prospecting strategy matters as much as the type of content you use.

For example, you wouldn’t want to send a demo video of your platform to a cold lead that doesn’t have a clue about who you are and what your product does. Video like any other marketing tactic needs to be used in the right situations. 

Getting started with video prospecting

While it may be tempting to run off and start sending videos to every one of your customers or prospects, sending an outreach video is the last step in a complex strategy that starts.

As most good strategies often do—effective video prospecting, starts with the user. Don’t skip ahead. 

Collect user data

The first step in the process is getting to know your users (website visitors, social media followers, current customers, etc.) that will be the perfect target audience for your prospecting campaign.

When it comes to collecting user data, we’ve found that nothing beats Google Analytics.

The analytics platform from Google allows you to collect demographic data (age, gender location) as well as behavioral data (which pages they visit and how long they stay on them) on your audience. You can use the latter to launch a retargeting campaign that…

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WordPress Shortcodes Beginner’s Guide – 2021 Update

Shortcodes are a powerful tool to help simplify the coding experience as you’re building pages and creating content on your WordPress website. These are especially useful for WordPress beginners but even experienced WordPress users leverage shortcodes to simplify the coding experience.

Rather than spending a ton of time and effort writing intricate lines of code, inserting a single shortcode can accomplish your goal in a much easier way.

Shortcodes ultimately eliminate complex scripts on WordPress sites. The possibilities with shortcodes are virtually endless, from creating in-depth page layouts to embedding interactive content on your site.

This guide will cover the basics that every WordPress beginner needs to know about shortcodes.

What are WordPress Shortcodes?

Shortcodes can best be described as coding shortcuts, hence the name. WordPress shortcodes use bracket strings on the backend of your site to create something and change the elements on the frontend of your page.

A shortcode makes it easy for webmasters to add content to their sites without any coding knowledge. It’s as simple as copying a piece of code and pasting it into your page editor.

WordPress shortcodes can be added to specific pages, posts, widgets, plugins, or even an entire theme.

5 Tools to Improve WordPress Shortcodes

The best way to manage shortcodes as a beginner is by using third-party tools. These will make your life even easier, especially if you don’t have a background in coding.

#1 — Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is one of my favorite WordPress shortcodes tools on the market today. I’m not the only one who loves this resource—the tool has over 11 million downloads and 800,000+ active installations.

It’s perfect for WordPress users who want to save time and be more productive when writing…

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Please Don’t Thank Me for My Patience

We’ve all experienced a situation like this:

The plane lands early but the gate is occupied and you actually deplane late.

The flight pilot makes an announcement: “Thank you for your patience.”

It takes you three times longer than it should to cash a check because the bank teller line is short-staffed.

When you finally reach a teller, he says, “Thank you for your patience.”

Stop. The truth is I’m annoyed and anything but patient. If you are robbed at gunpoint, it is silly for the thief to thank you for your wallet. You didn’t have a choice. Thanking someone who has been made to wait feels like you are forcing patience on them when they don’t have it.

Nobody should pay to have their life inconvenienced, but it happens all the time. And many are better at a Zen-like response than others. I’m really bad at it.

I realize the service provider is acknowledging the inconvenience, but they are going about it in the wrong way.

The better response? “I apologize we made you late.”

Or “I apologize for the unreasonable wait.”

Or “I apologize that we couldn’t have served you more quickly.”

Stop playing word games and keep the responsibility where it belongs. Work diligently to keep customers from waiting, but if you fail (as all service providers do at some point), acknowledge your responsibility and apologize for the inconvenience.


Mark Sanborn is an award winning speaker and Leadership Expert in Residence at High Point University, the Premier Life Skills University. For more information about his work, visit 

For a free assessment and information about The Classic Fred Factor online training and a unique opportunity to license the training, go to

Author: Mark Sanborn

Mark holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. He was recently honored with the Cavett Award, the highest honor the NSA bestows on its members, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the speaking profession. In 2020, Global Gurus named Mark the #5 Leadership Authority in the world.

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Episode 1393 Scott Adams: The Public Revolt Against Mask Mandates Starts Now, Biden’s China Policy, Mike Flynn Controversy

Quantcast {{options.learnMore}} {{options.dismiss}}’, ”, ”, ” ], cookieName: ‘dilbert_cookieconsent_dismissed’, readystate: ‘interactive’ }; ]]> Episode 1393 Scott Adams: The Public Revolt Against Mask Mandates Starts Now, Biden’s China Policy, Mike Flynn Controversy – Scott Adams’ Blog ]]>

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15 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA)

Writing the perfect call to action often makes or breaks your marketing campaign. It’s one of those elements that will directly impact your conversion rates. And what better way to improve your writing than by reading a bunch of call to action examples from the pros?

cover illustration

cover illustration

According to eMarketer, US social network ad spending is expected to approach $49 billion in 2021. Marketers spend on ads, and they spend a lot.

With that much at stake, you’re not the only one who sometimes gets stuck for ideas for the winning CTA for your ads. If you’re looking for inspiration, then the below list is for you. In this blog post, you’ll get 15 call to action examples that you can copy and customize for your campaigns.

By the end, you will also know how to generate CTAs like a pro for any scenario!

Let’s get started!

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A call to action or a CTA is a written directive used in marketing campaigns. It helps encourage website visitors to take the desired action. A call to action can take up different forms:

  • Text hyperlink
  • Button
  • Plain text with no link

“Buy Now” or “Download Now” are typical examples. But a CTA can run longer, too, such as “Subscribe today so you’ll never miss a post.” The possibilities are endless.

AdEspresso webinars call to action example watch nowAdEspresso webinars call to action example watch now

Call to action examples from AdEspresso

A good CTA can help with decision fatigue and give meaning to your content. Even if it’s just a two-word phrase, users need some direction to know what to do next.

CTAs that create a sense of urgency will also help increase conversions.

As long as it encourages potential customers to stay engaged on your site, then your call to action has done its job.

Note that having one CTA highlighted is the most common way. At the same time, some marketers use both primary and secondary call to actions in their marketing. We’ll review some best practices of this later on.

How to Write a Call to Action for Social Media

Social media is all about getting users to click on your posts and ads and engage. However, it’s no longer as easy as it sounds. 22.3% of people using ad blockers say there are “too many ads.”

It’s tough out there.

To combat this, increase your conversions and engagement with a compelling call to action on your ads and elsewhere on the web. Let’s see how you can achieve this.

Use strong action words

Writing short and strong CTAs is not only more persuasive, but it’s also necessary due to the character limits on ads. Start with a verb (“buy”) and follow with an adverb (“now”) or a subject (“ebook”) or both.

Here are…

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