Episode 1407 Scott Adams: The Simultaneous Sip, Live From Santorini, Greece

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How to Set Up Google My Business to Win New Customers in 2021

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The Best Time Tracking Software – 2021 Review

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best time tracking software for most people is definitely Time Doctor.

Time tracking software is a must-have tool for any business.

A good software can do much more than just simply track time too. You can quickly learn more about the productivity of your team, and see what tasks people spend the most time on.

Then you can optimize their workload based on this knowledge so your employees can spend time on what matters — and save time in the long run.

Beyond basic features, certain time tracking software allows you to track billable hours for clients, and even simplifies your invoicing process.

Without time tracking software, you’d have to rely on your memory or track time by keeping an eye on the clock and logging everything manually. That’s obviously not effective or realistic at scale.

The Top 7 Best Time Tracking Software

  • Time Doctor – Best Overall Time Tracking Software
  • Toggl – Best for Simple Time Tracking
  • TSheets – Best for Tracking Employee Hours
  • Harvest – Best for Small Businesses
  • Timesheets.com – Best Cheap Time Tracking Software
  • TimeCamp – Best for Agencies
  • Hubstaff – Best for Employee Productivity Monitoring

Continue reading for an in-depth review of the best time tracking software on the market today. I’ll cover the features, benefits, price, and any potential drawbacks of each one below.

#1 – Time Doctor — Best Overall Time Tracking Software

Time Doctor is our number one pick for good reason. From basic time tracking functionality to advanced features like employee monitoring and client dashboards, this software has it all.

More than 83,000 businesses trust Time Doctor to increase productivity in the workplace….

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Emotion: What I Learned From Chasing Mom with a Plastic Bug

Emotion: What I Learned From Chasing Mom with a Plastic Bug

I chased mom around the house with a plastic bug when I was young and foolish. I laughed. She screamed. It was a short-term strategy.

Emotion can’t tell truth from fantasy.

grasshopper Your relationship with emotion matters more than the things you feel.

Emotion, reality, and perception:

Emotion reflects perception.

A horror movie isn’t real, but it’s real scary. After the movie you can’t sleep because aliens might take control of your mind.

Expectation creates emotion.

You expect a raise. The boss invites you to the office. You’re excited. You expect to get fired. The boss invites you to the office and your heart races. Actually, your heart races in both instances.

Want creates emotion.

You don’t get the promotion you wanted. You feel sad, frustrated, even vengeful.

Experience impacts emotion.

The first time you lead a meeting, you sweat like a pig. The hundredth time, you lean back with your hands behind your head.

Your relationship with emotion matters more than the things you feel.

I enjoy being scared at a movie. I even like the cheap thrills. (Although The Grudge scares the crap out of me! I can’t watch it.)

Managing emotion:

A person controlled by emotion is unstable, unpredictable, unreliable, and eventually unhappy.

We make emotions.

Keeping a gratitude journal generates positive emotion. Reality doesn’t change, but your relationship with it does.

Make your passion instead of following your passion.

Logic doesn’t resolve emotion.

It didn’t help to tell mom it was a fake bug. You can tell yourself it’s just a movie but you’re still afraid. Just accept it.

You may need to contradict emotion.

Examine your bank account when buying a car, not your feelings.

Emotion isn’t the judge of reality.

Use performance metrics when evaluating employees, not whether you like them or not.

How is emotion helpful/harmful to effective leadership?

How might leaders manage their emotions?

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Episode 1408 Scott Adams: It’s a Lovely Day For an International Simultaneous Sip

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Best Lead Generation Companies and Services of 2021

Lead generation is the lifeline of your business.

Without qualified leads, you’re wasting valuable resources trying to sell in the dark.

There are hundreds of different lead generation companies and services on the market today. But not all of them deliver quality leads.

As I’m sure you know, 1,000 qualified leads are much more valuable than 10,000 random email addresses.

Whether launching a startup company or have a well-established business, your organization needs customers to survive. The right lead generation service can deliver what you need to make your business thrive.

Want More Leads?

Get matched up with a lead generation service that fits your specific needs.

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The Best Lead Generation Companies and Services

With so many lead generation companies to choose from, narrowing your search can seem like a tall task. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve already done all of the extensive research required to find the best lead generation services. After countless hours of investigating, I found seven that I can confidently recommend.

I’ve provided an in-depth review for each one of these lead generation companies below. These reviews will help you identify the best lead generation service for your business.

The Best Lead Generation Companies and Services Reviews



  • Real time leads
  • Dedicated team
  • Multi-channel approach
  • Custom integrations

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LeadGeneration is a fantastic lead generation solution.

They provide services to well-known brands like Aeropostale, Toshiba, and J.G. Wentworth—so you’ll be in good company if you go with them.

They provide a dedicated management team for you. The team customizes a lead development strategy that’s unique to your org.

So you won’t get a worthless list of leads that won’t help.

Leads are developed and delivered to you…

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The Hot Drink That Lowers Blood Pressure

The compounds found in this hot drink may provide new ways of treating high blood pressure.

Both black and green tea contain specific compounds that cause blood vessels to relax and widen, leading to lower blood pressure.

The antihypertensive properties of tea could provide promising treatment candidates for lowering blood pressure, scientists predict.

Tea leaves contain epigallocatechin-3-gallate and epicatechin gallate flavonoids, members of the catechin family.

A study found that these catechins can activate KCNQ5 which in turn causes blood vessels to relax.

KCNQ5 is a potassium channel found in the smooth muscle of blood vessels.

The catechins are antioxidants which have been shown to be effective against cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Professor Geoffrey Abbott, the study’s lead author, explained:

“We found by using computer modeling and mutagenesis studies that specific catechins bind to the foot of the voltage sensor, which is the part of KCNQ5 that allows the channel to open in response to cellular excitation.

This binding allows the channel to open much more easily and earlier in the cellular excitation process.”

Nearly one-in-three of the adult population have high blood pressure which is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease and premature death across the world.

Therefore, finding ways to treat this condition would save lives.

Past studies have suggested that drinking tea can consistently lower blood pressure in small amounts.

Understanding the effect of catechins on KCNQ5 can help with the development of anti-hypertensive drugs with higher efficacy.

Many countries, such as the USA and the UK, drink tea with milk but the antihypertensive benefits of tea may be reduced when it is mixed with milk.

The research team experimented with this idea and found that when milk was added to black tea it blocked the activation of KCNQ5.

However, Professor Abbott thinks that the human body will react differently:

“We don’t believe this means one needs to avoid milk when drinking tea to take advantage of the beneficial properties of tea.

We are confident that the environment in the human stomach will separate the catechins from the proteins and other molecules in milk that would otherwise block catechins’ beneficial effects.”

Moreover, the team has examined the effect of temperature on tea and found that at 35 °C the tea’s composition changes, giving greater effects on KCNQ5 activation.

Professor Abbott explained:

“Regardless of whether tea is consumed iced or hot, this temperature is achieved after tea is drunk, as human body temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius.

Thus, simply by drinking tea we activate its beneficial, antihypertensive properties.”

KCNQ5 is also expressed in the brain, playing a role in the regulation of neuronal function.

Mutations in KCNQ5 gene variants stops its channel working properly, causing brain disorders known as epileptic encephalopathy (seizures).

However, catechins have the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier and activate KCNQ5.

This discovery might help scientists to develop a treatment for fixing broken KCNQ5 channels and amend brain sensitivity regarding seizure.

The study was published in the journal Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry (Redford et al., 2021).

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