QuickBooks Payroll Review – What Makes QuickBooks Payroll Great and Where QuickBooks Payroll Falls Short

QuickBooks Payroll is a byproduct of Intuit and is the number one payroll service provider on the market today. QuickBooks Payroll is the perfect solution for small teams or solopreneurs that want a valuable payroll service without unnecessary costs. 

With additional features like time tracking and tax penalty protection, QuickBooks Payroll allows you to create a flexible work environment for your employees, ensuring you won’t have to spend excess fees to get to that point. 

Quickbooks brand logo.Quickbooks brand logo.

QuickBooks Payroll Compared

QuickBooks Payroll did make it onto our top list for being the best payroll service for small teams and solopreneurs. However, the best online payroll service for most people is Gusto because of its ability to provide excellent features for dispersed workforces. Sign up for Gusto today, with pricing plans starting at just $46 per month

Want to read more about the top best online payroll services? We reviewed dozens of options and narrowed it down to the top five. If you want to scope out all of your options, see all of our top picks here.

  • Gusto — Best for dispersed workforces
  • Paychex — Best for experienced payroll teams
  • OnPay — Best for simplifying all things payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll — Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  • ADP — Best for never outgrowing your payroll provider

About QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is an affordable service for small teams because of its features. You don’t have to worry about paying for functionality you will never use. QuickBooks Payroll aims to provide a hassle-free payroll service by automating your entire payment process. 

With that said, QuickBooks Payroll offers products and services…

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Square Payroll Review – What Makes Square Payroll Great and Where Square Payroll Falls Short

Square has been a leader in digital payment services for years, helping online and brick-and-mortar businesses collect payments, access funds, and create rewarding loyalty programs. 

Square Payroll provides convenient payroll and tax services, adding to Square’s all-in-one merchant-focused solution. Small businesses, especially, can benefit from using a payroll service like Square Payroll to pay their teams, deduct taxes, review sales, and more. 

Learn how Square Payroll can ease payroll management for your team.

Square brand logo.Square brand logo.

Square Payroll Compared

Square Payroll did not make our top list of online payroll services. Our top pick, Gusto, is an excellent alternative to Square Payroll for most businesses, including new companies without a dedicated payroll team. Try Gusto free for 30 days.

  • Gusto — Best for dispersed workforces
  • Paychex — Best for experienced payroll teams
  • OnPay — Best for simplifying all things payroll
  • QuickBooksPayroll — Best for solopreneurs and small teams
  • ADP — Best for never outgrowing your payroll provider

Read more about the best online payroll services.

About Square Payroll

Although Square Payroll didn’t make our top list for online payroll services, it still offers plenty for small businesses. The company helps small business owners without payroll experience pay employees and contractors, track paid time off, and withhold multistate taxes.

Square Payroll also combines other key employee management services, like time tracking, invoicing, workers’ compensation, and benefits package management. Business owners can choose between contractor-only plans or plans covering payments for contractors and employees.

Square Payroll Health and Stability

Although Square was founded back in 2009, Square Payroll is a more recent offering from the digital commerce…

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Oasis PEO Review – What Makes Oasis PEO Great and Where Oasis PEO Falls Short

Outsourcing payroll or using multiple software to manage human resources isn’t always enough to efficiently handle all your administrative tasks. That’s where PEO (professional employer organization) service providers come in. In the past few years, outsourcing several managerial and administrative functions to trusted PEOs has become quite common.

Oasis PEO is one of the many excellent PEO service providers available in the market today. It has a service-focused approach and provides various services like risk management, payroll, technology benefits, employee solutions, and much more.

Paychex brand logoPaychex brand logo

Oasis PEO Compared

Oasis PEO made our top list for several reasons. While it’s a great option, the best PEO service provider for most readers is Resourcing Edge because it provides customized solutions to clients. Moreover, it offers advanced technology and a single point of contact. Find out how you can empower your business with a free consultation with Resourcing Edge.

  • Resourcing Edge — Best fully customized PEO services
  • Paychex Oasis — Best industry-specific PEO solutions for startups
  • Amplify PEO — Best HR technology suite with PEO services
  • Insperity — Best support for small businesses with simple health plan needs
  • Paychex — Best for outsourcing payroll and tax compliance
  • ADP TotalSource — Best 401(k) plans for midsize organizations
  • Justworks — Best for businesses hiring at scale
  • PapayaGlobal — Best global PEO company
  • VensureHR — Best for businesses with less than 50 employees
  • TriNet — Best health benefit options for SMBs

You can read the in-depth analysis of these platforms here

About Oasis PEO

Oasis PEO offers a range of professional employee organization services…

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How to Sell Your Landscaping Business in 6 Simple Steps

Want to sell your landscaping business? Use the services of the best business broker, Business Exits, to sell it without a hassle. Sell your business in only 180 days and get the best deal.

Selling a landscaping business is no easy feat. If you are an existing business owner and want to sell your company, consider taking the services of a business broker to make the process efficient and quick. Hiring a business broker also ensures you have the best possible experience throughout the transaction and don’t risk running into legal pitfalls.  

Moreover, busy entrepreneurs in the landscaping industry have no time to manage the intricacies of selling their company. Therefore, investing in a business broker can help save time and money. Business brokers work all the details, like business negotiations and valuations, ensuring confidentiality and guaranteeing that all standards are followed during the sale.

Quicksprout.com - How to sell your landscaping business in 6 simple steps.Quicksprout.com - How to sell your landscaping business in 6 simple steps.

The 7 Best Business Brokers for Selling Your Landscaping Business

Our team has extensively researched the best business brokers available in the market and came up with the top seven options. See our in-depth reviews to see which suits your company’s needs best.

Sell Your Landscaping Business in 6 Easy Steps 

With an experienced and reliable business broker, it’s never been easier to sell your landscaping business at a reasonable price within a limited time frame. Here’s how: 

  1. Evaluate your landscaping business
  2. Choose the right time to sell
  3. Identify the ideal buyers and interested stakeholders
  4. Prepare your landscaping business for sale
  5. Market your selling strategy
  6. Negotiate the deal and accept an appropriate offer


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Top 6 Best Technical SEO Audit Tools of 2022 – In-Depth Review

Our recommendation for the best technical SEO audit tool is Screaming Frog SEO Spider because it offers several technical audit-specific features to monitor the health of your SEO strategy accurately. Download the free version to get started

Performing a technical SEO audit of your website involves making specific changes and optimizations to make your site easier for search engines to crawl, thereby improving search engine ranking. It’s an in-depth process where you focus on resolving technical issues (crawl errors, hosting, indexing), analyzing content (keyword research, content maps, metadata), and fixing links (backlink profile analysis, growth tactics, broken links).

Clearly, this is a huge deal.

The issue with conducting a technical SEO site audit manually is it’s highly time-consuming and tedious. Instead, you can use trusted technical SEO audit tools that simplify identifying and eliminating your most critical website problems to improve search rankings. This brings us to the next important question: which is the best technical SEO audit tool for your needs? Let’s find out.

The Top 6 Technical SEO Audit Tools

As someone who has conducted multiple technical audits, here are my top six SEO audit tools that are worth their weight in gold. Screaming Frog SEO Spider would be the most suitable option for most because of its excellent feature set and generous free plan. Download the free version today.

Wondering what makes them better than the rest? Keep reading.

Company logos for our best technical SEO audit tools reviews.Company logos for our best technical SEO audit tools reviews.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Technical SEO Audit Solution

Every website has unique requirements and problems. Here’s my structured guidance to help you pick the best technical SEO audit tool for your site.


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Link Building For SEO Starter Guide: Learn The Basics

A website’s backlink profile plays an important role in driving organic traffic from search engines. Effective link-building strategies are crucial for SEO, domain authority, and brand awareness. Whether you’re starting a new website from scratch or you’re trying to improve a well-established site, this ultimate guide will explain everything you need to know about link building for SEO.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks. A backlink is a link from one website to another—different from an internal link, which links from one page to another on the same website.

Some backlinks occur naturally. Others are the result of carefully crafted SEO strategies and content marketing efforts specifically designed to build more links.

But not all links are created equally. That’s why it’s important to understand how Google and other search engines treat a website’s backlink profile. Spammy and irrelevant links from low-quality websites won’t help you as much as relevant links from sites with domain authority.

With tools like Moz, you can check the domain authority of any website for free. 

Screenshot of Moz free domain seo analysis tool web page.Screenshot of Moz free domain seo analysis tool web page.Moz’s free domain analysis tool is a fast and easy way to check domain authority.

Moz has lots of other free tools that will help you identify backlink opportunities and improve your overall SEO efforts. 

How Link Building For SEO Works

When search engines crawl the web, they also crawl the links on pages. Those links create a backlink profile, which is a list of every instance another website links to yours.

Google and other search engines use backlink profiles to determine a website’s authority. This is part of the algorithm that determines how a website is…

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Top 5 Best Mobile POS Systems of 2022 – In-Depth Review

When it comes to the best mobile point-of-sale (POS) system, we recommend Square because it’s versatile, reliable, and affordable for a wide range of businesses. Turn your phone or iPad into a POS system with a free card reader when you sign up with Square

Mobile POS systems have changed the way customers pay for everything from meals to MacBook Pros. When done well, mobile POS systems streamline the customer experience—and make life easier for everyone else involved in a sale, too. 

That’s why we took a look at every mobile POS on the market to decide which mobile POS systems offer the best features and functionality. After analyzing reviews and carefully researching each product, we narrowed our list down to the five best mobile POS systems around. 

The Top 5 Best Mobile POS Systems 

Each of the companies on this list excels at offering portable payment processing and sales management. Square rose to the top of our list thanks to how well it works for an impressive variety of use cases. Plus, you’ll get a free magstripe card reader when you sign up with Square

  • Square — Best overall 
  • Shopify POS — Best for managing online and in-person retail sales 
  • PayPal Zettle — Best for dedicated Paypal users
  • Toast  — Best for food service businesses 
  • Clover — Best for taking payments offline

Let’s explore some different scenarios and use cases for these mobile POS systems.

Company logos for our best mobile POS systems.Company logos for our best mobile POS systems.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Mobile POS System Solution

We’ve thought of several scenarios where you might need a mobile POS system. Check them out and see which…

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How to Sell a Website in 7 Simple Steps

Ready to sell your business right now? Get started with Business Exits, the best platform for maximizing business value and sale price. Register now to get access to their network of over 20,000 preapproved buyers.

With so many websites turning into multimillion-dollar buyouts and the success of online affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and blogging businesses, starting an online business is quickly becoming a popular option.

For some buyers, making a purchase saves valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on developing an original website from scratch. For others, an existing website or business is an appealing investment because it has an existing customer base, products, and/or services, which allows the new owner to hit the ground running.

Some people even buy websites just to flip them in the future. And with such a large pool of prospective buyers, digital entrepreneurs have the luxury of being able to sell their businesses for top dollar.

However, as with anything else of value, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure you sell your website for the highest possible price.

Quicksprout.com - How to Sell a Website in 7 Simple StepsQuicksprout.com - How to Sell a Website in 7 Simple Steps

The 7 Best Business Brokers to Sell Your Website With

There are lots of ways to sell an online business, but using a broker is often the best option. Here are the seven best brokers to sell your website with, depending on your needs.

You can check out our full reviews for each business broker here.

Sell Your Website In 7 Easy Steps

In some ways, selling a website is just as easy as selling any other business. You find a buyer, agree…

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6 Strategies for Selling a Business

Sell your business now with Business Exits, the best platform for maximizing business value and sale price. Sign up now to access their private network of 20,000+ buyers netting a $30 billion cash pool.

For most founders, selling a business (or part of it) can be a bittersweet experience. Letting go of something you’ve spent years building is always challenging.

But if you’re like many entrepreneurs, the idea of “cashing out” and reaping the rewards of your hard work is also very appealing. And moving forward with the next chapter of your life (which you only get so many of) can be very exciting.

Today we’re going to show you six of the most effective strategies for cashing out, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal you can.

Quicksprout.com - how to sell a business using these 6 strategiesQuicksprout.com - how to sell a business using these 6 strategies

The 7 Best Business Brokers for Selling a Business

Depending on your specific needs, there are a few different types of business brokers that can help you sell your business. After vetting countless brokers, here are the seven best:

1. Make Sure You’re Selling The Right Way For YOUR Company

The best way to strategize when selling your company involves evaluating the type of company you’re selling. The right selling strategy can vary wildly depending on your business’s type, size, industry, and revenue level.

Are you selling:

Some businesses are much easier to sell than others. For example, an ecommerce business that’s doing well is usually much easier to sell than a brick-and-mortar business.

The reason is simple: most buyers are looking for businesses with high growth potential and little downside risk. An online ecommerce business that’s already…

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Top 5 Best Web Design Courses of 2022 – In-Depth Review

We recommend the University of Michigan’s Web Design for Everybody as the best web design course for most because of its comprehensive curriculum designed for beginners. Enroll for free to view the course content and decide if it’s the right program for you.

Web design courses can help beginners and advanced web designers learn techniques to start or advance their careers. Our research team spent dozens of hours researching the content of 25 web design courses to shorten our list to five top options. During the process, we considered learning formats, scheduling options, pricing structures, and testimonials to determine the best courses.

Find our reviews for the best web design courses below as you prepare to learn.

The Top 5 Best Web Design Courses

The following five courses offer various learning formats, schedules, and content for web designers. The University of Michigan’s Web Design for Everybody covers a wide range of topics and is taught by experienced professors, making it an excellent potential choice for many. Enroll in the course for free to learn about financial aid options for affordable learning.

Below, we outline some of the best web design courses for specific situations before diving into in-depth reviews.

Company logos for our best web design course reviews.Company logos for our best web design course reviews.

Match Your Scenario to the Right Web Design Course Solution

We’ve identified a few scenarios where someone might want to participate in a web design course or what they specifically look for in a course. Then, based on our research, we chose the top two best courses to fit the following situations:

You are new to the world of web design and want to explore it as a career.


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